Our View: DOT funding suggestion dims bridge’s prospects

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After a year of dimming prospects that the Mid-Currituck Bridge would ever be built, it seemed the bridge’s prospects couldn’t get any darker.

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Do the right thing

Vote out Steinburg and put in someone who supports the bridge. Steinburg is laughing at us in Currituck, telling us he supports the bridge and then going to Raleigh and voting against funding the bridge. Wake up Currituck!

Build or die

Currituck County needs that bridge to grow. I see nothing wrong with contributing a portion of the tourist tax toward the bridge. The County should have been smarter in the response to the question: perhaps a restructure of the tourist tax could have been worked out along with consideration for toll reduction for local full time residents.


Do the right thing and fix the Kitty Hawk intersection. Sixteen weekends a year is not worth millions of dollars laid on our taxpayers' backs. Removing the humps on the existing bridge at this point in time was uncalled for. That funding would have been better spent on a real solution to the KH traffic tie up.

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