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Our View: Lawmakers need to lead fight against tolling ferry

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If the end of guaranteed funding for the Mid-Currituck Bridge project hasn’t already convinced Currituck County residents that the Republicans who now control the state’s purse strings don’t have their best interests at heart, the recommendation to impose tolls on the Knotts Island ferry should finally do the trick.

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Steinburg in the lead on this?

So, our representative is out in front on this?


ObamaCare- We have to pass it to see what's in it! Governors Road Program- We have to pass it to see what's in it! Any difference in the two???????

The bottom line

The bottom line is that ferries are part of the highway system in NC. No one is talking about tolling the beltline in Raleigh. But we, in northeaster NC are being treated as if we are not part of the state. N.B.: I don't use the ferries. But wrong is wrong.


You have pay a toll on 540 on the beltline in Raleigh. Last time I went to Tenn., I didn't get off on the right turnoff, so guess what I had to pay.

Not funding the Midcounty Bridge has

no connection to tolling ferries. The bridge is a waste of money to taxpayers but tolling KI and OI residents is something taxpayers should assist with. Everybody refuses to admit there is a problem with the KH intersection.

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