Our View: Lower tier status should not deter economic development

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Being number 1 is generally considered a good thing. Just ask Roy Williams and his 2009 Tar Heels, who won the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

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With the already...

depressed economy, this lowered tier status is not going to help our area to be seen in a positive light for any possible businesses that are considering expanding into our region. No matter what "positive" the Daily Advance thinks this might be, the fact remains that a company will do extensive research into an area before deciding to build. Our area is economically depressed, high poverty and crime rate, poor school systems, the numbers prove that many people travel across the border to shop and many will openly admit they shop online. Elizabeth City has many negatives against it as a town and until those negative improve, I doubt we will see the progressive leaps and bounds in the department of economic development.

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