Our View: Nothing ‘historic’ about election-year teacher raises

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After more than a month of wrangling over a revised state spending plan for next year, lawmakers finally agreed on one last week that among other things, includes a much-needed boost in teacher pay.

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NCAE is the only organization

our teachers and school personnel have to speak up for the inequities caused by the Legislators.


How may employers gave their employees a 7% raise this year. I can answer, NONE.


NOT all teachers received a 7% raise . . . .

The NCAE couldn't have come

The NCAE couldn't have come up with a more biased commentary. I guess it's to be expected.

Than you TDA for exposing what this Legislator has done!

Thank you TDA for exposing what this NC Legislator has done. I concur wholeheartedly.

The Daily Democrat

took positive news and put a Democratic spin on this great news! Is anyone surprised? The Republicans have brought down the unemployment rate dramatically. The Republicans have given wage increases to all state employees while not raising our taxes. The Republicans have given parents from low incomes the opportunity to send their children to the same schools as the wealthy. Republicans are fighting against voter fraud here in Pasquotank county as well as the rest of the state. Join me in electing common sense Republicans this November!!!!!!

I Won't Forget in November!

It is shameful what has been done to teachers, assistants, and other hard-working citizens of North Carolina. There is no denying that the legislators who voted for this bill, including the governor who signed it, were not thinking about us! You knew this so-called historic raise was sketchy. Ending the tax-free weekend was wrong! The list just goes on and on! I usually am very forgetful, but not this time. I didn't vote for you before and I hope others join me in not voting for you again. It is time for this foolishness to stop!

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