Our View: Other counties should help pay for centralized DA, defender

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Don’t be surprised if you soon see someone standing outside the Pasquotank County Courthouse or the county Public Safety building in Elizabeth City holding signs that say either “Will prosecute for a desk” or “Will defend for computer space.”

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Are You Serious?

Sitting around thinking of ways to get even by punishing the three counties is how you believe this should be handled? Punishing in retaliation is a dangerous and slippery slope to head down. Using your mindset means I have to wonder if all three counties were in the same room with Pasquotank if the three counties wouldn't say they've backed out because Pasquotank needed to be punished for some wrongdoing the three counties believe have done to them. Dreaming up punishment in retaliation for something is the wrong approach.

I agree

Now we have to figure out how to punish those three counties.

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