Our View: Peel-Olson probe findings confirm wastefulness of effort

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Norwood Blanchard, the private attorney from Wilmington hired by City Council to investigate the involvement of Elizabeth City’s mayor and city manager in a charter school grant application, recently presented the findings of his probe to council, and to absolutely no one’s shock or surprise, he found absolutely no wrongdoing.

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It is never a waste

to expose vindictiveness and self serving behavior. Better to have done it than allow those who wanted to rush to sentencing without it any opportunity to hold a kangaroo court like they wanted.

It is not the facts which guide the conduct of men, but their opinions about facts; which may be entirely wrong. We can only make them right by discussion. Sir Norman Angell


Councilman Stimatz - With all due respect, few - if any - citizens changed their mind about this situation after hearing Mr. Blanchard's report. Your fellow Councilmen, who instigated for this, still do not agree with the report. And, did we need this report to recognize "vindictiveness and self serving behavior"? We continue to see that during the public comments segment before each council meeting. If your argument is that the only way to "clear" our excellent Mayor & City Manager, was with this probe, I will accept your judgment. End of discussion. However, I still believe Council could have/should have conducted it's own in-house initial investigation. The charges & all the facts were easy to find, and none were in dispute. Both our Mayor & City Manager were completely transparent. You, Mr. King & Ms. Hummer could have conducted a question & answer session with the appropriate individuals. Based upon those findings, hire an outsider only if you see any questionable behavior. Of course, there was none. I venture to say that if Bill Hiemer had come before Council with the exact same accusations, an outside probe would not have been conducted. Despite the constant asinine statements by one long term member of Council, I truly believe we now have members who are capable of productive discussions & outcomes. You are a smart man, Mr Stimatz, and a very good Councilman. Thank-you for your service. I disagree with you on this issue. See you at the next Council meeting. Bill Hiemer


TDA - Thanks for correcting, so your editorial matches the headline! I agree this investigation was a waste of taxpayer's $$$. The folks who demanded the investigation are still not happy. Hats off to Councilman Donnelly, who after the initial vote, fought hard to get this probe terminated, BEFORE it cost us all 2700 bucks. We don't need an attorney from Wilmington to tell us Joe Peel and Rich Olson are good men, working on behalf of ALL our citizens. Neither would EVER undertake any project that was self serving or a conflict of interest. Thank-you for speaking out on this important issue! Bill Hiemer

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