Our View: Remove taxpayers from car dealers’ legal fight

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Things always look clearer in retrospect, but it seems the decision to involve Pasquotank County in a property dispute between two ex-partners in a car dealership was a mistake from the get-go.

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Solution: Tax payers should not buy cars from Alliance

This has been one cluster of a case. There are too many obvious "small town good'ol boy" strings pulled by Roughton who is really looking like the slime ball in this low slung case. We the tax payers are going to pay for this at around $1.50 per resident. In turn Cartwright should lose his job, too late for Parish and no one should buy even a spark plug from Alliance unless Roughton releases all goods with-out charging the county.

My only question is; in this case the only person who has shown reasonable judgement was the county attorney Mike Cox (who was against the whole storage situation), so why is he being sued?

Who Pays?

DBW Ventures (Roughton) wants to be paid a storage fee. Stewart does not feel he owes since he is being found mostly innocent. The Pasquotank taxpayers do not owe anyone anything since the items were put in storage by the sheriff's office for preservation for the benefit of the courts. Therefore the courts of NC owe the storage fee to DBW Ventures. Therefore the courts have to rule against Roughton on all charges, find him guilty of ??? and fine him in the amount of the fees and court costs. What do you think? Let's finish this case quickly here in the court of public opinion!!

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