Our View: Voters need to reward cooperativeness in council races

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Elizabeth City has made a number of important strides over the past two years. Millions of dollars have been pumped into road infrastructure projects in the downtown area that will not only upgrade roadways and bridges but also control flooding and improve and drainage. Under the leadership of a new police chief, violent crimes are down.

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I want to see Volanda on Council

again. She is a gentle spirit that will stand firm on what is right for the City and it's citizens.

Volanda Watts is the best choice for 4th Ward

She is a past council member and served her two years faithfully even while she was dangerously ill having gone through one failed kidney transplant and while waiting on another one. She and her husband have, for years, provided meals to the hungry and homeless, including sacrificing their own Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners preparing and delivering meals to the less fortunate. They have lived their life helping the less fortunate. AS a business owner (Perfect Plumbing), she combines the best of both words - business minded common sense combined with a true understanding of community service. Now that she is in great health, she will be a great asset to this City and bring a calm spirit to what has been a pattern of idiotic, conflict oriented council meetings. She and Lena would make a great team for the 4th ward. Ms. Latson, while obviously a community minded woman and making great strides in getting involved in the 4th ward, is still a bit of an unknown.

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