Our View: Wind turbines help us rise toward cleaner energy

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Energy and the environment have been in the news a lot lately, as talk has been rekindled on how to get electricity and fuel we need to meet our future needs.

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Check out some regional wind maps...

I think you'll see that this area is prime real estate for wind farms. Wind has always been viewed as a supplement to existing energy sources and never a total replacement. Your lights won't go out when the wind stops. Air and water quality will improve as we reduce use of fossil fuels. Over time, by combining wind with solar, and a few currently more obscure sources, we should be able to wean ourselves completely off of oil/gas/coal, but probably not in our lifetimes, given the political barriers that are "fueled" by energy company money. This won't change until Republicans are standing knee-deep in seawater.

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Force 12


What happens when the wind does not blow?????

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