Reckless Senate budget-writing almost costs ECSU

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Republican budget-writers in the state Senate have a definite flair for dropping secret, last-minute provisions with potentially devastating consequences into state spending plans.

Dear Reader,
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Dear Melanie

All of the points I raised in my brief, 'flippant' comment were raised in paragraph seven. Will you castigate the author of this editorial, as well? Besides, those points should have lead the editorial to explain ECSU' s current situation, and the reason for the proposed study.


My understanding is that this "study" was to determine the best way to shut down ECSU, not how to improve it. Big difference. This is no way to implement major policy decisions - by hiding a two sentence "closing study" in a huge budget document. Unfortunately, this is "my" party running the show now, and I am disgusted. They want to fund a study on how best to turn around the University, even provide a time line to see results, that is fine. ECSU must be accountable. But, so should those in power in our State Capital. Completely unacceptable behavior! Bill Hiemer


editorial. Where was this editorial when Hagan and Butterfield voted for Obamacare wWITHOUT even reading the bill! Could you imagine what would have happened if Stan White from Basnight's home county had been our Senator? I think we would now be hoping rep. Stienburg to come to ECSU rescue. This is not over and ECSU needs Senator Bill Cook in the Senate for protection from the powers that be.


Agree 100% with your observations & comments, which is not a normal occurrence! Kudos to Mayor Peel (he has been a fantastic Mayor) & Councilman King (I have criticized him on several issues, the most egregious his resolution to fire City Manager Olson) and all the local leaders (sure Rich Olson was in there swinging!) who got this thing turned around in record time. Senator Cook did the right thing only under pressure - he and his cohorts (unfortunately "my" party) in Raleigh are a true embarrassment. How can anyone believe that - making a major policy decision that would negatively impact an entire region of our State - by inserting a few stealth lines in a huge document is appropriate? Ridiculous behavior. Your editorial should be emailed to Senator Cook and the entire State Senate leadership. Again, great job - thank-you! Bill Hiemer

One-party tyranny.

This is what happens when there is no effective opposition. Please, hold your nose if you have to, but install an opposition candidate whenever, and wherever you can. Doesn't matter what party.

Creating an opposition is the only way to bring these things into daylight before they are simply forced upon us. Fracking is next, i.e., no public discussion or state-wide referendum. Republicans are willing to stop same-sex marriage and abortion, but sell YOUR drinking water and clean air. Next will be Texas towers off the OBX instead of wind and sun farms behind it. The kids are gonna love their repugnican tar-ball beach toys.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12


The Dems were in charge of NC for decades, where was the outcry then?

And the republicans created...

a more than effective opposition, right? My point exactly. Except that what I hope for is something close to balance in the legislature that will force discussion and compromise, not midnight skulking. If this measure had been an honest effort to address the university sytem as a whole, it wouldn't have been secretly buried after dark in the last minute budget. I completely support reform where it's needed. That's just good management. But in the bright light of day, not hidden like the lie that this is.

Of course, this is how THIS legislature works to achieve goals that they know the people will hate. Slidin through the grass like so many snakes, when they could simply elephant-up and take the heat since they now own the entire kitchen.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

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