Lee Owen: Bowling gift suggestions for your loved ones

By Lee Owen

The Daily Advance

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To stay competitive in even recreational sports, it is becoming more and more expensive.

While bowling is still relatively inexpensive in relation to sports like golf, drag racing, and even poker (if you play as bad as me), it is still not cheap.

If you have a bowler in your family, bowling equipment is a sure bet for the perfect gift for Christmas.

Depending on your budget, a new bowling ball could run you anywhere from $100 for a low end ball to $250 for a top of the line ball, depending on what level your bowler is at right now.

If you look for holiday specials, such as the one being run right now at Albemarle Lanes on Storm equipment, you can even get drilling included which saves that recipient even more.

If your budget is a little less, there are also other things that every bowler needs. Bowling ball bags run anywhere from $25 for single balls carriers to $100 for multiple ball carriers.

Bowling shoes are also something every bowler wants so that they do not have to wear the traditional “clown” shoes anymore. Shoes start as low as $50 and can run as much as $200.

Finally, this section is for Santa, as sometimes he needs some ideas for his stocking stuffers as well.

Ranging from $5-$20, things such as resin bags, thumb tape, tape insert tools, ball cleaner, cleaning towels, and shoe covers to avoid spills are all great things to add to the survival kit of any bowler.

If your bowler already has everything they need, one thing you can never have enough of is practice. Albemarle Lanes offers gift certificates in any amount you want, allowing the bowler in your life to come out, brush up, and elevate their game in the second half of the season.

I would also like to take this second to wish my wife of 12 years a happy anniversary. We met in the bowling center, continue to bowl together, and now our two kids are also coming up through the leagues, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Williams Swinson continues his great season, leading all scores with a nice 248/663, followed by a 211 from Joey Winslow and a 210 from Boris Beatty.

Becky Brindle led the ladies with her 195 game followed by a 175 from Adeline Tolson and Debbie Winslow.



Rick Brakefield broke out this week, topping the leaders with his 254/682, while Clarence Burke and Bill Harris were right behind, with a 612 and 611 respectively. Bobby Winslow added a 229 on the night as well. Julie Transue led the women with a 168 game, followed by a 166 from Michelle Pearson and a 162 from Beth Marshall.



This week saw Jeanne Parker leading with a nice 212 game, followed by a 197 from Esther Saunders and a 195 from Ocie Manos.



Joey Winslow returned to form, topping the board with a 259/691, followed by a 237/639 from his father, Bobby Winslow, and a 237 from Danny Williams.

Janet Ackerley led the ladies with a 193 game, followed by a 181 from Daniel Moore and a 180 from Margaret Butts.

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