Lee Owen: Bowling website provides several useful resources

By Lee Owen

The Daily Advance

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The United States Bowling Congress offers bowlers many resources on their website, from training videos, to news articles, to rules and regulations. The website, www.bowl.com, also offers a service that most bowlers are not aware of.

The site has a link that will allow you to search for any sanctioned bowler.

When you find the bowler you are looking for, and bring that bowler’s page up, it will show every honor score they have ever bowled, every league they have ever bowled, and their averages for every league they have ever bowled.

Have you ever gone to a tournament and forgot your sanction card? The website also has a way to look your page up and print off your sanction card, or merely pull it up on your smartphone and show it to the tournament director (I’ve had to use that one a few times.).

Another feature is the ability to look up bowling centers by zip code.

If you find yourself in a strange town and want to know where the nearest bowling center is, simply put in the zip code and there it is. The site also allows you to search for coaches near you as well as tournaments near you.

Monday Night Mixed


Joey Winslow continued his great season, taking top honors with a 243/631, followed by a 230/616 from Roy Smith and a 613 from Scott Palmer. Terence Riddick added a nice 230 game on the night as well.

For the ladies it was Debbie Winslow and her 201 leading all, followed by a 187 from Adeline Tolson and Linda Barrett.

Fellowship Memorial League


For the second time in three weeks of bowling, Adam Meads has a huge night. His 277/766 lead all followed by a 266/709 from Joey Winslow and a 245/689 from Mark Tarkington.

Michelle Pearson led the ladies with her 208 game, followed by a 199 from Julie Transue and a nice 217 handicap effort from Dottie Pelis.

Martin Luther King League


Rusty Tyler found himself atop the leaderboard this week with a nice 233/621, followed by a 233/612 from John Turner and a 231 from Randy Cartwright.

Monica McCoy led the ladies with a solid 188 game, followed by a 185 from Debbie Winslow.