Lee Owen: Bowling world series grows every year

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For the professional bowler, the World Series of Bowling has become the platform on which every bowler is measured. This grueling event pits 240 of the world’s best bowlers, from 18 countries, against one another in five tournaments in an eight-day stretch.

To makes things tougher, each tournament uses a different PBA Sport pattern for the shot, meaning that to be the best, you must be versatile on all patterns.

To cap off the 10-day swing, the top 24 bowlers from all five tournaments will get the opportunity to compete in the PBA World Championships Match Play.

Now I am sure you are doing the math and see that there are now nine days of events during this 10-day marathon, and are amazed that there is only one day of rest for these bowlers.

Well, that is where it gets even more tough, as the PBA decided to also host an “All-Region Regional” tournament that is basically a regional event, except that it will take place during this stretch and more than likely play host to some of the best bowlers around, bowling beside some of the amazing regional talent.

While there are a few spots remaining open for the event, the 240 person field is all but set and ready to go, with the bowling running from Oct. 25-Nov. 3.

Some last minute additions to the event are also sure to draw a larger than normal audience for this year’s event. Collegiate star Marshall Kent is sure to be one to watch, and he is lauded as the next big thing in bowling. Currently a student and star of the bowling team at Robert Morris-Illinois, he earned collegiate bowler of the year honors in 2012 and is a two-time member of Team USA.

He is expected to turn pro as soon as he graduates from college.

Another addition to the lineup this year is a shock to some, but not to those who have seen him bowl: Terrell Owens. One of pro football’s greats, Owens has long been an ambassador to the sport of bowling, and an avid bowler himself. He currently owns the Dallas Strikers in the PBA League, and has decided to trade his football for a bowling ball this month, and is competing in the WSOB.

While he is not the only professional from other sports to take the jump into bowling, he hopes to be the first to qualify in a PBA event.

If you are interested in watching some of the action live, PBA’s Xtra Frame will have 60 hours of live coverage during the tournament, with the finals of each tournament being shown on TV later in the year.

I also want to mention the passing of one of the PBA greats, Dave D’Entremont.

Double D, as he was affectionately known, was on the tour for many years, winning 19 regional titles and 6 Tour titles, including one major.

One of my fond memories was when I was paired up with him during my first pro-am in Virginia Beach when I was only 18 years old. He was a genuine person and was always free to talk to a fan. He will definitely be missed.


Roy Smith and Pete Fraioli shared top honors this week with their 647 series’, with Pete adding a 233 game and Roy a 223 game. Steve Ackerley and Joey Winslow also got in on the action, posting a 247 and 629 respectively.

On the ladies side, it was Becky Brindle getting hot, rolling a 192 game, followed by a 191 from Linda Barrett and a 172 from Pineapple Askew.


Joey Winslow continued the hot hand, tossing a big 247/709 to lead the league, followed by a 237/682 from Adam Meads, and a 652 from Stephen Marshall. Jeff Meads rolled the high game of the night, a nice 257.

Michelle Pearson led the women with her 182 game this week, followed by a 171 from Julie Transue and a 165 from Debbie Winslow.


Mary Beasley’s 186 game was good enough for top honors this week, as she bested Susie Thomas (178) and Patsy Sanders (158).


The scores were close this week, with two pins separating the top three. Stella Miller would wind up on top with her 170 game, followed by a 169 from Debbie Porter and a 168 from Bonnie Sawyer.


It was another week of Joey Winslow domination, as he found himself atop the others, rolling a 235/665, followed by a 238/643 from Scott Palmer, and a 233/627 from Brian Sexton.

The ladies saw Stephanie Winslow on top with her 193 game, followed by her mother, Debbie, with a 183. Ofelia Beatty rounded out the top three with her 168.


Colby Judge topped the bumpers with his 207 handicap effort, followed by Kaylee Winslow and her 189.


Robbie Vinson flirted with the first 600 series of the season in the youth ranks, taking the top spot with his 225/599. Following Robbie was Eric Votava with a 189, and John Meads with a 173.

Morgan Brothers led the girls with her 164 game, followed by a 131 from Emily Brewer.