Lee Owen: Make sure you use it, or you risk losing it

By Lee Owen

The Daily Advance

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In February, I had surgery and was forced to quit bowling for about four weeks, or so I thought.

The doctor said I would only be in the hospital for a few days and would need to heal for about four weeks before returning to bowling.

This did not seem that bad, but what was to come would prove to be difficult to overcome.

Shortly after being released from the hospital, I found myself having developed a post op infection and spent the next five weeks, in and out of the hospital, constantly in bed or in a chair recovering.

Finally, I was released and given the all clear about a week ago, so I decided to try to hit the lanes, and what I was met with was enough to depress even me.

I laced up my shoes and stepped up on the approach. I began my delivery and dropped the ball at my feet and directly in the gutter.

I had lost so much muscle mass from being laid up, that I could not even effectively release the ball straight down the lane.

In addition to this, my balance and timing was off so bad, I wasn’t even making it to the foul line in my slide.

The moral to this story, is that if you don’t use it, you will lose it. Even on a less dramatic scale, I was talking to Jevon Simpson, who is subbing for me while I am out. He took a year off from bowling, and when he returned, he said that it was extremely hard to get the timing and feeling back.

Jevon says he will never take time off from bowling again.

On a side note this week, I want to give a shout out to local bowler, Mark Tarkington, who traveled to Reno this week for the National Bowling Tournament. Not only did Mark average well better than 200 for his nine games, his team left in fifth place in the nation, and he is in top 15 in doubles. Great bowling, Mark!

I also want to mention my wife, Crystal, who going into the last weekend at the North Carolina State Tournament, is in second in singles and first in all events in her division.

Congrats on some great bowling from our locals. If you know of any bowlers making it big in a tournament, please let me know at ecitybowler@yahoo.com and I will be happy to mention it in the column.


Joey Winslow continued his amazing season by leading the league with a 258/687, followed by a 622 from Boris Beatty and a 613 from Scott Palmer. Charles Sharpe and James White added games of 227 and 226 respectively.

Debbie Winslow topped the ladies with her 213 game, followed by a 189 from Linda Barrett and a 183 from Becky Brindle.


It was Joey Winslow atop another league this week, as he topped the leaderboard with a 279/692.

Adam Meads followed with a 248/673 while Mark Tarkington and Rondell Christian added 639 sets apiece.

Beth Marshall led the women with a 212 game this week, while Michelle Pearson rolled a 190 and Julie Transue added a 188.


Sylvia Holley found herself atop the board with a 173 game, followed by a 171 from Sharon Hoffler and a 164 from Kathleen Thomas.


Ocie Manos led the ladies league this week with a 189 game, followed by a 181 from Renate Troy and a 164 from Jeanne Parker.


Yet again this week, Joey Winslow topped a league, rolling a 653 set, followed by a 228/635 from Scott Palmer.

Clarence Burke added a nice game of 265 on the night as well as a 247 from Tom McKnight.

Debbie Winslow led the ladies with her 210 game, followed by a 182 from Janet Ackerley and a 174 from Monica McCoy.


Christopher Vinson led the boys this week with a 172 game, followed by a 159 from Lucas Votava and a 136 from Thomas Adams.

On the girls side, Morgan Brothers led with a 171 game, followed by a 156 from Emily Brewer and a 108 from Tori Owen.

The bumpers were led this week by Shane Owen and his 104 game.