Lee Owen: PBA league brings new attention to sport

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This season, the Professional Bowlers Association introduced a new element to its schedule and it has drawn a lot of attention to the association and the sport.

The newly implemented “PBA League” is a take on the traditional bowling leagues that amateurs bowl in weekly at centers all across the world. While professional bowling is normally an individual sport, the league puts bowlers together on teams that compete against one another for five weeks.

The other catch to these teams, filled with the best of the best from around the world, is that they are owned by a celebrity who also bowls with the team. That has given it an amateur aspect that has most certainly lured new bowlers wanting to see their favorite celebrities on the lanes.

The league has eight teams and is three weeks into its inaugural season.

The Dallas Strikers are owned by Terrell Owens and captained by Norm Duke. The NY City King Pins is owned by Billie Jean King and captained by Pete Weber.

The Philadelphia Hitmen are owned by Kevin Hart and captained by Bill Oneill. The L.A. X is owned by long-time bowling supporter Chris Paul and is captained by the two- handed phenom Jason Belmonte.

The Detroit Motown is owned by Jerome Bettis, who is an avid league bowler and has a perfect game in his stats, and is captained by Mike Fagan.

The Brooklyn Styles are owned by TV star Jesse Williams and captained by PBA Player of the Year Sean Rash.

The Silver Lake Atom Splitters are owned by Chris Hardwick, whose father is a PBA Hall of Famer, and captained by former PBA Player of the Year Chris Barnes..

Rounding out the league are the Pittsburgh Jack Rabbits, owned by LaMarr Woodley and captained by another two hander, Osku Palermaa.

I have watched a couple of the telecasts and it is surprising to see how the celebrities can hold their own most of the time, and it makes for a very fun change of pace from the always serious competition.

The telecasts are on Sundays on ESPN at various times, so check your local listings to tune in and see your favorite celebrities lacing it up with the pros.

Monday Night Mixed

Adam Meads took the high spot on the totem pole this week, firing a huge 255/716, followed by a 243/675 from Joey Winslow. On the ladies side, Becky Brindle led with her 198 game, followed by a 179 from Kim Myers.

Fellowship Memorial

Jeff Meads was not to be outdone by son Adam, tossing the league high set with a 635, followed by Mark Tarkington and his 631. Joey Winslow and Donald Modlin added games of 247 and 242, respectively.

Albemarle Rollers

This week saw Charlene Fetters led all with her 190 game and Emma Spence added a 458.

All-American Ladies

Myrna Duncan found her mark as she posted the league high game of 183, just ahead of Debbie Winslow and her 178.

Martin Luther King

Joey Winslow topped the board with a nice 257/671, followed by a 230 from Roy Smith and a 610 from Rusty Tyler.

Friday Night Mixed

The week saw a couple of real nice games from Reginald Griffin and Reggie Sawyer, posting 222 and 220, respectively.

Lee Owen is a bowler who lives in Elizabeth City