Lee Owen: USBC announces changes for ’14-’15

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The USBC, United States Bowling Congress, is the governing body for all sanctioned league play.

In order to bowl in league play and be sanctioned, you must pay your dues and be a member of the USBC, which runs from the beginning of fall league in August, to the end of summer league, which ends in July.

In recent years, the USBC has come under fire from bowlers for some less than popular changes to their awards program.

Bowlers are going to be even less happy when they hear one major change set to take effect in August of next year. Starting with the new fall session, honor scores (300, 299, 298, 800 and 900) will be a once per lifetime award. Additionally, if you have ever received an award for any of the above honors in the past, you will not receive another.

This seems to be an effort to cut costs for the USBC and allocate the money elsewhere, however most league bowlers are against this as they will more than likely not see that money in any form.

Another change will come to the youth program, with multiple levels of membership, starting with a $4 basic membership that will suit most youth bowlers.

For another $3.50, you can upgrade your child to a Bowlopolis membership, which gets them monthly magazines, awards, stickers, and instructional videos.

The other options are designed for competitive youth bowlers that expect to bowl in Junior Gold competitions.

One final change, that will only affect a few bowlers here that exclusively bowl summer leagues, is a short season discount on membership.

Until now, bowlers had to pay for an entire year, even if they were only going to bowl a short league. Starting March 1, 2014, bowlers who bowl seasons that are 16 weeks or shorter, will be offered a $10 sanction instead of the normal $20 sanction.


Terence Riddick found his mark this week to lead the league with a 246/663, followed by a 242/602 from Garry Williams and a 226 from Steve Ackerley.

The ladies side was led by the 190 of Debbie Winslow, followed by a 179 from Adeline Tolson and 178 from Becky Brindle.


Adam Meads and Joey Winslow were the only ones that seemed to figure out the tough lane conditions this week, tossing a 652 and 629 respectively, while everyone else was sub-600.

Julie Transue had another nice week on the women side with her 214 game, once again bowling against me and beating me easily. Michelle Pearson added a 173 and Beth Marshall a 168 as well on the night.


Mary Beasley topped the ladies with her 173, followed by a 157 from Mary Morris and a 156 from Susie Thomas.


Barbara Purcell led the league this week with her 179 game followed by a 171 from Stella Miller and Ocie Manos.


Joey Winslow led all scores with his 244/641, followed by a 639 from Bobby Winslow. Fred Hill and Matthew Stanwick added games of 223 and 220 respectively also.

Monica McCoy led the ladies with her big 203 game, followed by a 181 from Daniel Moore and 176 from Janet Ackerley.