Lee Owen: Youth league crowns Team 6 season bowling champion

By Lee Owen

The Daily Advance

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After a grueling 30 weeks of bowling, the season championship came down to a three way roll off to decide it all last Saturday morning.

When the dust had settled, the 2013-14 season championship went to Team 6, consisting of Tori Owen (yes, my daughter), Jacob Davenport and Jasmine McKnight.

During the roll off, Tori posted her high game ever, a 133, while Jasmine doubled her average with a 238 handicap game.

The end of season awards for high average went to teammates Robbie Vinson and Morgan Brothers. Robbie took the award for the boys with a 163 average while Morgan took it for the girls, carrying a 148 throughout the season.

Robbie also earned high scratch game and series for the boys for the season, tossing a 225/599, and Morgan had game and set for the girls with a 194/528.

High handicap game for the boys went to Jacob Davenport with a 282 game, while brother Joshua took handicap series with a 712.

On the girls side, Elizabeth Scaff took high handicap game with a 256 and Sammi Stanwick had high handicap series with a 671.

This season was the largest turnout in recent years for the youth program, but there is plenty of room for expansion. If you are interested in signing your child up, the summer crazy eight league is a great place to start.

Monday Night Mixed also crowned the season champions recently. Old Timers, consisting of Adeline Tolson, Denwood Williams, Boris Beatty, and Matt Craddock, came out on top after an intense roll off.

This league, running for 32 weeks, was one of the few full house leagues, carrying 12 teams all season and putting up some big numbers along the way.

On the individual awards side of the coin, the men were completely dominated by King Joey this season.

Joey Winslow not only won High average honors with a 209.38, nine pins over his closest competition, William Swinson, but he also swept scratch game, series, handicap game and series as well.

His 300/763 was enough to take both scratch and handicap awards.

For the women, Debbie Winslow followed in her son’s tracks, taking both scratch game and series with a 246/634, while Sharon Hoffler took home handicap game with a 280 and Kendra Fox wrangled handicap series with a 727.

Most improved average is one of those awards that every bowler wants in their lifetime.

This award says to everyone that you took your bowling serious, came in and practiced, and took your game to the next level.

With a 14.66 pin increase over the season, Eddie Sawyer took the award for the men, six pins over second place Jarvis Abbott. For the ladies, Jenna Fox took the honor with an 11.41 pin increase over the season, three pins over second place Pat Dooley.

Look for more league results next week as we should have the final numbers from Fellowship Memorial League as well as Martin Luther King League. Also be on the lookout for results from All-American Ladies and the Albemarle Rollers.