Mike Sweeney: For fishing the big ones, the Fluke certainly is no fluke

By Mike Sweeney

The Daily Advance

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This year the bass fishing has been spectacular around here but my go to bait for the big ones is the Fluke by Zoom baits.

The Fluke has paid off all year and if you like to see the strike then this is your bait.

I fish the Fluke in a weightless Texas rigged form with the hook going through the nose then out the bottom of the bait. I then run the hook down the belly and up through the tail so when the bass hits it will compress the bait and the hook will stick.

You have to use a good line like Izorline 12-pound test then a good stiff rod at least six feet long.

The bait is perfect for skipping under docks and bushes that line the banks and because the hook is in the bait it can be used in heavy grass and lily pads.

I like to twitch the bait just at the surface and watch the lure until the fish strikes. I then hesitate and reel the bait till it gets tight then set the hook.

You have to have some patience to wait for the tension but it will help insure the hook set.

I like to fish it with at least a No. 4 or 5 Eagle Claw worm hook because the light wire will help it stay close to the surface but when the fish want it just below the surface I will change to a heavy gauge worm hook in order to get the bait down.

The offshore trip this week has been hampered by the wind and the offshore storm that is brewing but the few that did get out had a good catch of dolphin along with some tuna, including a big eye that weighed in at 185 pounds.

That is a big fish no matter how you look at it. We also had a citation sailfish and white marlin.

Near shore they had good catches of blues and mackerel because the water temps are in the 70-degree mark with the wind blowing out of the east.

There have been days at the beach this week where the water was crystal clear right to the surf.

This kind of water brings all the good fish to the beach so on the sand the catch has been croaker, spot and blues but the mackerel tend to get within reach also so get out to the beach and bring a bottom rig with blood worms and shrimp.

Then take your big rod and tie on a spoon or anything shiny for the blues and a slider rig for the rest of the fish with cut bait. That combination will keep you busy all day.

Locally we have been on the bass early in the morning with top water then pitching Flukes and worms on the wood when the sun is up. The white perch have also began to show with Uncle Jessie and Beetle Spins putting the fish in the coolers.

If anyone gets out this weekend like me take some pictures and e-mail me some details at fishingwithmike921@yahoo.com, and we can use it next week.