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Mike Sweeney: Forget winter, spring fishing has sprung in area

By Mike Sweeney

The Daily Advance

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It seems like only yesterday we had the snow shovels out but in the past week or so the fish have decided that it is spring time already.

Around here we usually have a warm week or two mixed in with cold weeks and the fish are really enjoying this one as much as we are.

When the first few weeks of warm weather hit I like to get out on the big boat and the kayaks for multiple species and as often as I can.

Some of my favorite things to fish for are the crappie that are active after the cold and the largemouth bass.

This is the time to catch some of the biggest bass of the year and to put a cooler full of slab crappies in the boat. On the rivers I like live shiners up in the creeks for crappie.

I float them on bobbers at different depths till I find a school of them then I can cast small grubs and jigs on my ultra light rods.

They like brush piles and stumps on points in the creeks and are feeding up heavy for the spawn.

The bass are usually hitting moving baits with the water temps in the mid 50’s so spinner baits and crank baits are my ticket.

I like outside bends of creek channels or big stump flats on the north side of the river. In the ponds the big girls are feeding up for their spring activities so look for flats with deep drop ledges or long points.

If you can find wood on the points even better but don’t be surprised to see the fish up shallow on flats if the water is clear.

They are chasing baitfish up in the skinny water and will hit a spinner bait right up on the surface.

What’s biting, where...

The fishing report is looking up with some boats heading offshore this past week. They headed out of Hatteras and caught some nice black fin tuna while the boats from Oregon Inlet had some nice yellow fin along with a couple of hook ups on the blue fin but they lost the battle and the fish got off.

It is the first action we have had so the blue fin are around and it is only a matter of time till one is brought back to the docks.

The beaches are still catching puppy drum with the south side of Oregon Inlet paying off lately along with some catches being reported coming out of Frisco.

I got out and did some striper fishing with no luck but the crappie are hitting better and better every day.

Dave at the Bait Barn says the fish are on the main rivers for those that like to troll and also the creeks for the ones who like to cast for them. He has reports coming in from Moyock, the North River and the Pasquotank.

I also talked to some local bass fisherman and they had some good luck with the largemouth this week, but being bass guys, they didn’t say how they caught them.

You guys know I won’t give away any secret spots. If anyone gets a chance to get out send me a report to or hit me up on Facebook at Fishing with Mike.