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HERTFORD — A 35-year-old Perquimans County man is behind bars after a grand jury recently charged him with murdering a man more than 12 years ago.

An Elizabeth City woman facing second-degree murder charges in the death of her 90-year-old mother has herself died.

A 90-year-old Elizabeth City woman weighed only 67 pounds when she died, allegedly of complications from neglect, last autumn, the N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said Tuesday.

The deceased woman’s live-in daughter Norma Raper is charged with second-degree murder and is being held at Albemarle District Jail in lieu of $50,000 secured bond.

CURRITUCK — A Currituck grand jury has indicted Currituck Board of Commissioners Chairman John Rorer on a felony charge linked to the controversy over his voter registration.

District Attorney Frank Parrish said Tuesday that the grand jury, meeting on Monday, returned an indictment charging Rorer with making a false affidavit.

Parrish said the charge was in response to how the Currituck commissioner filled out his voter registration card last year.

District Attorney Frank Parrish is claiming a Perquimans County resident filed a false statement against him in calling for his suspension or removal from office.

Parrish, through his attorney, James Maxwell of Durham, wrote a letter to presiding Superior Court Judge Alma Hinton, apparently in an effort to rebut a Feb. 28 sworn statement by Corbin Cherry. Maxwell’s letter to Hinton was made public on Wednesday in Pasquotank County Civil Court.

An attorney representing persons wanting the suspension or removal of District Attorney Frank Parrish is calling for a reconsideration of six petitions a Superior Court judge threw out late last week.

The attorney, Kathryn Fagan, of Manteo, is arguing that the people of the 1st Judicial District “deserve a voice in the courts and not to be summarily dismissed with no explanation.”

District Attorney Frank Parrish said he had a legal duty to accept the word of the Perquimans County Department of Social Services, when the agency said a mother, accused of being a danger to her children, was taking corrective steps toward being a better parent.

Puppy mills are a nationwide problem, contributing significantly to the pet overpopulation issue that touches almost every citizen of our country. Unfortunately, it’s become an issue that’s all too familiar to residents of North Carolina.

In February, 150 dogs were rescued from a Stokes County facility. The puppy mill owner had been selling dogs over the Internet to unsuspecting consumers without any oversight. Since there are no laws regulating breeders in North Carolina, he was not required to have a license, let alone an inspection.

A Superior Court judge on Friday dismissed six of the eight complaints filed by citizens calling for the suspension or removal of District Attorney Frank Parrish.

In a one-page order filed with the Pasquotank County Superior Court Clerk’s Office, Judge Alma Hinton of Roanoke Rapids said she reviewed six of the complaints and concluded Parrish did not break any state laws governing district attorneys’ conduct.

Hinton further said she found Parrish “has conducted himself within the bounds of his prosecutorial discretion.”

A retired U.S. Army chaplain is the eighth area citizen to file a petition calling for the suspension or dismissal of District Attorney Frank Parrish.

Corbin Cherry, of Perquimans County, claims in a court document that he paid $125,000 to a man, whom Cherry only identified as “Gerber,” but that the man stole the money. Cherry claims he first met with Parrish about the matter four years ago, that Parrish agreed there was evidence of a theft and that Parrish agreed to do something about his complaint.