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On Friday afternoon, due to rain, it was announced Game 2 of the 1A NCHSAA Eastern Regional Championship Series between Perquimans baseball and Bear Grass Charter was rescheduled for Saturday afternoon.

I don’t watch many shows. I watch movies, I watch games and I play games, but unless it’s “The West Wing” or something my 10-year-old wants to see, I’m not watching an episode of “television.”


Memorial Day is, first and foremost, a sacred day on which all Americans should solemnly contemplate the cost of our freedoms. Millions gave their all so that we can enjoy these freedoms.

Warren Buffett famously said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” What the Oracle of Omaha meant was that when markets are booming, people who take unwise risks can still do OK. When conditions go south, those who invested or borrowed recklessly often find themselves exposed to financial trouble.

The Senate passed a $40 billion emergency aid package for Ukraine last week, but with a small group of isolationist Republicans loudly criticizing the spending and the war entering a new and complicated phase, continued bipartisan support is not guaranteed.

In the days after Russia attacked Ukraine, there was a lot of talk among Republicans that Vladimir Putin would not have invaded had Donald Trump still been president. Trump was so difficult to predict, so impulsive, so impetuous, the thinking went, that Putin would not have risked a massive U.S. response under Trump.


Having lived in Key West for over two decades, I have a special place in my cinematic affections for the movie “Top Gun.” Not that any of the classic jet-jockey film took place on this southernmost island, but because its co-star Kelly McGillis lived here for years.

As an educator, Kim Robinson had always enjoyed doing creative things. So after retiring in June 2021 after 32 years in the classroom, most of them at Grandy Primary School in Camden, she decided to start a new jewelry-making business.

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina government's most powerful Republican elected official threw his weight fully behind Medicaid expansion Wednesday, raising the stakes for an issue lingering in state politics for a decade that could result in hundreds of thousands of low-income adults gett…

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The families of four people — including three teens — who died in a February plane crash off the North Carolina coast are suing the companies that owned the plane and employed the pilot, who also died. The suit claims the pilot failed to properly fly the single-engine plane in weather condit…

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Ethics Committee is investigating allegations that Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn had a conflict of interest in a cryptocurrency he promoted and engaged in an improper relationship with a member of his staff, the panel said Monday.

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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina Senate Republicans are strongly considering legislation that would expand Medicaid coverage to hundreds of thousands of additional low-income adults. Such legislation would mark a key step in an extraordinary turnabout by GOP members in the chamber set aga…

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KRAMATORSK, Ukraine (AP) — Russia asserted Saturday that its troops and separatist fighters had captured a key railway junction in eastern Ukraine, the second small city to fall to Moscow's forces this week as they fought to seize all of the country's contested Donbas region.

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Something weird is up with La Nina, the natural but potent weather event linked to more drought and wildfires in the western United States and more Atlantic hurricanes. It’s becoming the nation’s unwanted weather guest and meteorologists said the West’s megadrought won’t go away until La Nina does.

A scientific analysis commissioned by the FBI shortly before agents went digging for buried treasure suggested that a huge quantity of gold was below the surface, according to newly released government documents and photos that deepen the mystery of the 2018 excavation in remote western Penn…

PARIS (AP) — Mohamed Benhalima looks wary and frightened as he is led off a plane at Algiers airport, handcuffed with a security officer’s arm wrapped around him. A team from Algeria’s Rapid Intervention Force then puts him in their vehicle and whisks him to an unknown destination.