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HERTFORD — Because of the growth in at-home testing and lab delays in reporting results, the total number of COVID-19 cases across the region is likely larger than what the regional health department is reporting, an agency spokeswoman acknowledged Tuesday.

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I typically avoid discussing the NFL on these pages because it gets talked about plenty elsewhere, but after the games this past weekend, they have earned it.

The San Francisco 49ers have surprised everyone with two playoff victories, and face their rival the Los Angeles Rams this weekend with the winner going to the Super Bowl. A major reason for the team’s success has been the big plays from third year wideout/running back Deebo Samuel. The elus…


When I was a fourth-grader in the segregated schools of Alabama, I was taught history from a textbook called “Know Alabama.” The book was written by a man named Frank Owsley, and it glorified slavery, deified Confederates and defended the Ku Klux Klan.

President Joe Biden has taken the Democrat Party to new lows. The Dems have lost 14 points in 12 months in a recent Gallop poll on who the American people want to run the country. Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ polling numbers are at historic lows for this time in their term.

Undermining voter participation privileges partisanship over democracy, whether it’s through distorted one-party districts (gerrymandering), or voter suppression. We need to consider not only strategies that re-configure districts fairly, maybe blindly, but also alternative voting methods that increase turnout.

Millions of politicized Americans choose to believe that the COVID-19 virus originated in a Wuhan, China, laboratory to afflict America. Did China also create the delta and omicron variants for the same nefarious reason?

How did we get where we are — many of us a fractious bunch of unhappy children, following the dictates of a political party trying to lead us over the cliff to a fascist, dictatorial governing style we don’t support? How did we leave the “growth for everyone” model we followed from 1946 to 1…


With hurricanes regular occurrences in eastern North Carolina, the Albemarle region is no stranger to the flooding and damage wrought by these powerful forces of nature. The costs endured by our coastal communities are manifold.

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — The Supreme Court has agreed to review a challenge to the consideration of race in college admission decisions, often known as affirmative action. With three new conservative justices on the court since its last review, the practice may be facing its greatest threat yet.

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The conservative-dominated Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear a challenge to the consideration of race in college admissions, adding affirmative action to major cases on abortion, guns, religion and COVID-19 already on the agenda.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina congressman said an effort by voters to block his candidacy by citing a constitutional amendment preventing insurrectionists from serving will fail and is part of a scheme to target “America First patriots” who backed former President Donald Trump.

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A judge on Thursday granted a request from the police chief of a North Carolina city to release body camera video recorded in the aftermath of the shooting death of a Black man by an off-duty sheriff's deputy.

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Prosecutors at the federal trial of three former Minneapolis police officers charged with violating George Floyd's civil rights are trying to show that even bystanders knew the Black man needed help, while the officers failed to act as former Officer Derek Chauvin knel…

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An appeals judge temporarily restored New York’s mask mandate Tuesday, a day after a judge in a lower court ruled that Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration lacked the constitutional authority to order people to wear face coverings.

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