Some days, when the weather is warm and there’s a light breeze, it’s a great time to go outside.

This past week, I took advantage of the warm weather and the fact the kids were back in school by attending the FIA Edenton workouts.

Females in Action — a female’s only version of the F3 workout group — meets at 5:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8 a.m. on Saturdays. Rain or shine.

This past Saturday happened to be a beautiful morning for the workout. My daughter and I got our training run in prior to the FIA workout.

FIA Edenton participants range from daughters of adults participants to women who are retired. Every participant earns a nickname. Every member takes a turn in leading a workout. It’s interesting to see how each person uses the hour-long workout differently — sometimes there’s more running. Other times there is more emphasis on using weights or doing plyometrics — you know push-ups, crunches, etc.

The group meets in the parking lot of the Barker House. The building near the waterfront will soon close its display of tea sets from the 18th century. We’ll have something about the exhibit in an upcoming edition of the newspaper, but you’re welcome to stop by the Barker House and check it out for yourself.

A few weeks ago, the Edenton Fire Department responded to a call downtown. While there for a possible story, volunteer firefighter Kim Ringeinsen and I talked for a bit. He’s also a photographer and worked out a way for the Chowan Herald to share his photos from incidents the EFD responded to. Thanks Chief Billy Bass to allowing us to collaborate together.

Edenton Police Chief Chief Henry King stopped by the office recently. He had high praise for the newest home alarm systems — such as the Ring doorbell. It uses wifi to work, which makes it usable during a power outage. Ring has the ability to take high quality images, which can help law enforcement personnel apprehend suspects.

A short walk from our office is Edenton Bay Trading Company. The building, which is home to the best Vinyl Night in the region, will soon be home to Sugared Fig Bake Shoppe, which is moving from its location on East King Street. This location will make the bakery more visible to tourist traffic.

According to Facebook chatter, there are plans to expand the bakery’s menu to include more savory items.

Who knows, maybe at the close of the day, some of the bakery’s items can be available at Malcolm King’s store to feed people who attend trivia night or some of the other great activities at Edenton Bay Trading Company.

Another Broad Street shop I’d like to cheer for in this column is the staff at Peeble’s who caught our escape-artist beagle. Blue saw an open door and took an opportunity to explore town on his own. Some staff members happened to be outside when he made a run for it. By the time we had figured out he was missing, Peebles’ employees were knocking on doors in the neighborhood attempting to find his owner.

Also recently, Edenton-Chowan School Superintendent Rob Jackson released his new podcast, EdLeader. The first episode features Regional Principal of the Year, White Oak’s own Shiela Evans. Congrats on the podcast launch!

One reader recently asked the newspaper to let people that HGTV’s Home Town Takeover is seeking applicants. Applying towns must to have less than 40,000 residents. I love renovation shows — my favorite is still “This Old House.” My dad and I used to watch it together and talk about the things they did. More information and the application can be found at .

Enjoy your week and thanks for reading!

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