Chamber Chatter

Lewis Hoggard

The year 2020 is now in our rearview mirror.

Usually in this column in January, we reflect what the Windsor/Bertie Chamber of Commerce has done over the last 12 months and forecast what we will do in the next 12 months. Almost every major event that the Chamber sponsors or hosts was cancelled after March 1 last year because of COVID-19.

For the near future, the Chamber has cancelled our Black History program and Farmers Appreciation dinner. We hope we will be able to offer some events before our Freedom Fireworks in July, but we are doubtful of any large events happening before then.

The weather and the success of vaccine distribution program are two key components to getting this epidemic under control which will allow us to host events. Ease of distribution and cost will be two factors that will impact the widespread use of the vaccine.

In Bertie County, the vaccine has been provided for free and, besides waiting in line, it has gone smoothly. Acceptance by most of the general public to get vaccinated is evidenced by the long lines.

On Saturday, Jan. 30, we will have a ribbon-cutting for the Glam Boutique at 115 East Granville Street. We had tried to schedule this ribbon cutting in November, but thought we might need to wait a little while.

The Glam Boutique carries diverse fashion items and accessories at a fair price. Come check Nicole Outlaw Staton’s shop and stay for the ribbon cutting at 10 a.m.

The Cashie Christmas Music Festival was held on Saturday Dec. 19. This event was hosted by Powell & Stokes, Bertie County Peanuts, Mosquito Authority and the Windsor/Bertie Chamber of Commerce.

While the performers sang from the loading dock at the warehouse, the attendees watched from their motor vehicles. We would like to thank the Cashie Quartet, Royce Williams, RT Johnson, Mr. Tunes & Carolers of Christmas Past for providing wonderful entertainment.

For 2021, we want our businesses to remain open. We want our hospitals and staff not to be overwhelmed. We want our kid’s education to return to some form of normalcy so they do not fall behind. We already struggle in our community with education for a number of reasons and cannot afford to let COVID-19 add to those struggles.

Hard work, positivity and honesty by all of us will help in this pandemic and in these trying political times. Just try to do those things every day and we will be better. These characteristics reflect the Ox, according to the Chinese Zodiac, which is the animal of 2021. So maybe we can get something good from China this year as opposed to what we got last year!

Lewis Hoggard is Executive Director of the Windsor/Bertie Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached via email at

Thadd White is Editor of the Bertie Ledger-Advance and can be reached via email at