Bertie Tennis

Bertie No. 1 seed, senior Kaitlyn Hoggard, executes a powerful backhanded return during conference play at Tarboro High School. The Falcons were successful winning 8-1.

WINDSOR - It was a joyous ride home from Tarboro for the Falcons after defeating the Vikings 8-1 on Monday.

This victory gives Bertie an overall record of 4-3 and 1A Four Rivers Conference record of 3-2.

In the singles competition, No. 1 seed Kaitlin Hoggard (Bertie) lost to Emma Edwards, 3-8.

No. 2 seed, Courtney Hoggard (Bertie) defeated Grace Whitehurst, 8-1.

No. 3 seed, Lauren Burden (Bertie) topped Georgianna Davis, 8-4.

No. 4 seed, Macy Hoggard (Bertie) bested Jazzymn Cotten, 8-1.

No. 5 seed, Ja’Meer Bell (Bertie) defeated Alexis Knight, 8-0.

The Vikings forfeited the No. 6 seed match due to not having enough players.

In the doubles competition, No. 1 seed Hoggard and Hoggard (Bertie) defeated Edwards and Whitehurst,8-4.

No. 2 seed, Burden and Bell defeated Davis and Knight, 8-4.

The Viking were short players and forfeited the third seed doubles.

Last Thursday the Falcons hosted Riverside High School and lost to the Knights 9-0 in 1A Four Rivers Conference play.

In the singles competition, No. 1 seed Sydney Sparrow (Riverside) bested Kaitlyn Hoggard 8-0.

No. 2 seed Lindsey Sexton (Riverside) defeated Courtney Hoggard 8-1.

No. 3 seed Meredith Eure (Riverside) topped Lauren Burden, 8-0.

No. 4 seed Caroline Gibbs (Riverside) bested Macy Hoggard, 8-0.

No. 5 seed Breanne Guidry (Riverside) defeated Ja’Meer Bell, 8-1.

No. 6 seed Justice Spruill (Riverside) edged Chassidy Harmon, 8-6

The doubles competition, No. 1 seed Sparrow and Sexton (Riverside) defeated Hoggard and Hoggard, 8-2.

No. 2 Eure and Gibbs (Riverside) topped Burden and Bell 8-2.

The No.3 seeded team of Guirdy and Spruill (Riverside) edged Hoggard and Harmon 8-6.

The 1A Four Rivers Conference Tournament was slated to get started on Wednesday, Oct 13 in Williamston.

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