HONG KONG – Tensions between police and anti-government demonstrators has hit fever pitch in recent days.

Recently, civil unrest turned violent outside a major university as police deployed water cannons and tear gas to combat protesters who countered with cannon streams of stinging blue dye from gasoline bombs.

According to Hong Kong Telecom, rioters set fires and there were multiple explosions during the stand-off with police

Perquiman’s Weekly’s Hong Kong bureau correspondent, Scott Mallon, is on the front lines of this tense six-month struggle for democracy.

“There’s been an escalation by both sides,” said Mallon, a globe traveling free lance photographer. “There are more incidents of violence by both sides. Police are less patient and more willing to use their weapons. Protesters have begun resorting to violence because their options are limited and they believe they are steadily losing their freedom and rights.”

Mallon has been in the thick of it, seeing tear gas, broken bottles and police reprisals. Sunday morning, Mallon described of people who are standing up for their rights against the Chinese government hellbent on subjugation.

“Determination mainly. Also, anger, frustration and shock at what Hong Kong has now become,” Mallon said. “Many of the older Hong Kongers were at one time on the side of the police. After seeing what’s transpired and seeing how some of the protesters have been treated, they have switched sides.”

A little bit about Mallon – he moved to Thailand in 1995, got married to a Thai woman, had two sons and and he have been living in that country ever since.

“A few years ago I began covering boxing and travel for several publications and became a member of the Thai press,” he said. “Later, I photographed slums in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and most recently, Bangladesh. While in Bangladesh I stumbled onto what I thought was a protest. Actually, it was a rally to back a Bangladesh official in his campaign to eradicate the malaria epidemic.”

Time passes, a new hot spot emerges, so Mallon packs up his cameras and heads to where the action is – every journalist’s dream.

“When I saw what was happening in Hong Kong, I felt it was important to document what was happening so I flew over,” he said.

Mallon said police have “urged protesters to surrender or they will arrest them by force including lethal force. Police warns protesters “Time is running out’ as they have been tolerated by the society for long.”

Mallon continued, “This is the real China – “full of empty lies and promises. The protesters have 38 minutes to leave. If they don’t , the police have said they are going to storm in and arrest them all, whether lethal or not.”

Police are cracking down, but the people know that it will get much worse if they don’t resist.

“The police got too crazy, too many people died and people understand that it’s going to get ugly with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in charge. Who would want to live their way when you know freedom?” Mallong said.

Ever obsessed with impeaching President Trump, the mainstream media would be better served to pay attention to what’s going on Hong Kong as China’s intentions and motives towards its neighbors and global foreign policy are revealed.

“China is a world power,” Mallon said. “They’ve slowly become more and more powerful and become entrenched in societies around the world. China influences and controls many, many companies around the world; Blizzard, the NBA, Nike, Apple are just a few. Hong Kong is at the forefront of just how far the CCP will go to achieve what they want, which many believe is world dominance.”

Staff writer Miles Layton can be reached at mlayton@ncweeklies.com