Khan Academy – Khan Academy, available at, offers no-cost YouTube instructional videos in a wide range of content areas.

Prodigy Math – Prodigy is a free, online math program that uses a fun video game-style interface to engage learners.

Duolingo – If you or your child are interested in learning a foreign language, Duolingo offers free online learning tools in 36 languages.

No Red Ink – This free, online writing and grammar resource helps learners of all ages to practice and refine their writing skills. Sign up as a teacher (you can use your home as a school), create a learner profile for your child, and then allow your child to log in to the student account and get practicing.

Mystery Science – Mystery Science is offering free memberships for up to one year, with engaging lessons in a variety of science‐related areas.

Codecademy – Codecademy offers free access to basic lessons in computer coding, with the option to pay for more advanced courses if your kids get really into it.

Marginal Revolution University (MRU) – Economics isn’t always taught at the K‑12 level, but the dynamic, self‐paced introductory economics courses offered for free through MRU are likely to pique your older child’s interest. – Available for free through many public libraries, has an array of online learning resources in subject areas ranging from photography to business to web development.

Contact Nicole Bowman-Layton at

Contact Nicole Bowman-Layton at