Marshmellow catapult

Marshmellow catapult

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Have some free time at home? Try out this engaging and educational 4-H STEM activity.

Complete the STEM experiment/activity below. E-mail Camaryn Byrum a picture of you completing the given task. A $5 credit will be applied toward any 2020 Chowan County Summer Fun Program that you plan to attend. A new challenge will be published each week in the newspaper. Camaryn Byrum can be reached at

Supplies Needed:

9 — Craft/ popsicle sticks

6 — Rubber bands

1 — Plastic spoon

1 — Marshmallow


Design and construct a catapult using only the supplies above. Once you have constructed your catapult, see how far your marshmallow will launch. Try revising your catapult to launch your marshmallow even farther.

Reflection (discuss these questions with a parent, guardian, or sibling):

  • How far did your catapult launch your marshmallow on the first try?
  • Once you revised your catapult, did your marshmallow travel a longer or shorter distance?
  • Name one additional item that you would add to the supply list that could help you construct your catapult to work even better.

Camaryn Byrum is the Chowan County 4-H Extension Agent.