Lately I have come to know many people in town as well as guests who require a gluten-free diet. Most are just avoiding carbs but for those with Celiac Disease wheat gluten can be a serious threat to their health.

Often guests with Celiac say they just don’t eat breads and cakes when travelling because a gluten-free option is not offered, but I am happy to accommodate them by preparing the same breakfasts as all other guests but with gluten-free baked goods. I’ve even had a few cry with happiness to get gluten-free waffles, crepes, biscuits, cookies, madeleines and breads.

Years ago it was more difficult to bake gluten free because stabilizers are needed to add to non-wheat flours for successful baking. But now Bob’s Red Mill, King Arthur and even Pillsbury offer 1-1 gluten-free flours with stabilizers already added. You can simply substitute one regular cup of flour for one of the gluten-free 1-1 brands and have great success with baking. Sometimes a little extra baking powder is needed but overall these are a great substitute for wheat flours.

I learned about these 1-1 gluten-free flours from a guest with Celiac who is a bakery chef from the DC area. I asked how she could possibly run a successful wedding cake business with her disease. She said she tasted everything but just spit after tasting as you would in a wine tasting. Interesting, but nevertheless it works for her to continue her business since medical tests proved wheat flour was threatening her health.

I also use other flours for some gluten-free recipes. One such is almond flour which I use in my gluten-free crepe recipe. It’s been a favorite with guests, and I have shared it with many.

This week I have included a recipe for Gluten-Free Crepes.


Cheryl Orr is the owner of the Cotton Gin Inn.