Every now and again. I will text my friends about something that happens at the Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library and write, “I didn’t learn about this in liberry skewl.”

Yep – we’re all there right now. A friend of mine asked me what I was going to do. I said I’d work on our Facebook page and our website. I then went to say that our website is terrible and all library websites are terrible. This got me to thinking why is our site isn’t like Amazon. The simple answer is that libraries do so much more than just check out books. It’s impossible for us to put in one place the number of things we do in a day.

However – Jared, the Tyrrell County librarian, has done an amazing job of compiling important resources on our website at pettigrewlibraries.org. Don’t put a www in – it won’t get you to the right place. Jared has set up a TumbleBooks account that you can access through the kids page. These resources are open to all and you don’t need a library card to use them.

Our e-book collection is still quite available as is the kids e-book collection through Overdrive. You do need a card to access these books, audio books and a few movies. If your card doesn’t work, please get in touch with me through Facebook Messenger. My computer is on longer than regular business hours to help our community in any way.

We also have access to most of the world through NCLive.org. This set of research databases has more than just academic materials. There are e-books, audiobooks, PBS TV shows, practice materials for ACT, SAT and other career tests. This resource does literally put the world at your fingertips. It does require a library card or password to use. Again, contact me through Facebook, and I’ll get you the password.

If you have materials checked out, keep them until we can re-open. It’s best we all stay home and safe now. We are trying to do a mass renewal of materials through our library database. If you find that you can’t use one of the electronic resources because of your library card account being blocks, contact me! We’ll fix it if we can.

One thing I do know is that Chowan County is a very resilient and proud community. We’ve been here for over 350 years. We’ll make it through this time of uncertainty and fear as well. Keep checking on our Facebook page for updates, use our website and reach out to me for any research or other help. We’re all in this together.

Jennifer Finlay is the librarian at Shepard-Pruden Memorial Library.