Dear Santa, This has been a tough year so I hope you, Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, and the elves are doing well while being safe and practicing safety precautions during the pandemic.

For Christmas I need some pajamas because mine are getting worn and I don’t have many.

I want more games for my nintendo switch. I also want some Beats in the color of pink or white( the wireless Beats). I want some black Vans and some glitter blue Crocs. I want some slippers. I Want for my sister to get the phone she wants, and for her to be successful in high school/college.

My main Christmas wish is for kids who may not receive any gifts or have food for Christmas; to receive gifts or have a meal. I would also like money to get homeless people a hotel to stay in and to donate food to the food bank. I also would like to donate my old clothes to kids that need more than I do.

Love, SuMyah Hill

Dear SuMyah, Yes, dear, this has been a very tough year for so many. We are all doing very well up here. The virus has not hit the North Pole, but we are still being very careful. You really have the right idea about Christmas..being nice to others. You seem to be a very generous person. It seems you want a lot of gifts. All I can say is that I’ll do what I can, for you and your sis. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa…. You are the best! Thank you for visits! Your elves are the best and your reindeer are the best, too!

I need some long sleeves clothes, shoes and a blanket.

I want a four wheeler, nba 2k 21, and a baseball game mlb 2k 21 for my ps4.

From, Torchory

Dear Torchory, Thank you for the letter and for the nice words. I guess all of us in the North Pole are the best! HO-HO-HO! I like the way to said “want” and “need”, because there is a difference. Santa has a few ideas for you, don’t you worry. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa, I hope you are doing good this year, and your elves. I know you may or may not come to my home because of covid-19 so stay safe. But you can ship our Christmas gifts to my mom or dad. Here is something my whole family needs: a blanket for the living room so we can stop using our mom’s blanket. Here are some things I want for Christmas: a dog, phone case, clothes and shoes. Good bye and stay safe at the north pole.

From: Natalia Holley

Dear Natalia, Thanks for your letter. We are all healthy up here…no Covid in the North Pole. But we will be safe when we travel. So, no need to ship anything. I’ll bet I can find a nice, comfy blanket around here. As for a dog, that’s a tough one. They kind of mess up the sleigh and don’t like to fly. You’ll be happy, I’m sure. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa, I thank you so much. You work so hard and you’re a hard worker to make peoples’ day as happy as possible.

What I need for Christmas is a blanket because it’s sooo cold outside and I can use an extra blanket to keep me warm. A fuzzy wuzzy blanket with super heroes would be cool.

What I really want for Christmas is my own personal laptop to play my games on. I’ve been good this year and have worked hard in school. I hope I’m on your good boy list this year.

Thank you Santa and your elves for looking out for all us kids.


Dear Verrone, Thanks so much for your nice letter and words. Yes, Santa works really hard, but I love every minute of it. You’re right…I am in the happy business! You think it’s cold down here? You should come to the North Pole. It’s winter all the time there. I’ll try to find a good blanket for you. Keep working hard in school! Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa, It’s me, Kendall Salinas. I was wondering how are the elves over there in the North Pole?Did they make the nice list?How’s Rudolph by the way?Is his nose still shining?You look very nice in that suit Santa! I really admire you Santa!How you go across the WHOLE WORLD delivering gifts to everyone and spreading joy throughout the world!That’s amazing! I hope that one day I meet you in person and spread joy throughout the world like you! Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Well Santa, I really don’t want anything for Christmas at all. I have a few things for me but nothing crazy or special. I need some vegetables for my guinea pig. They are Jacob, Jimmy, and Gilbert. We need food for them — my family has food for us but not that much for the guinea pigs. We especially need lettuce. They love lettuce and other vegetables are accepted.Now this isn’t for me — this is for my older brother- he really wanted it but it was out of stock, he wanted a Xbox series x the new Xbox. So I’m asking for an Xbox series x for him.I hope I can get a laptop or a nintendo switch lite.I want to spread joy throughout the world like you Santa, and I want a phone- any phone from samsung to iPhone. Well Santa, I hope to get what I want because I have made great grades, helped my mom when she comes from work like doing the laundry and taking the trash out. I really hope to get what I want since I think I have been a great boy in my opinion. Bye Santa.

Sincerely, Kendall Salinas

Dear Kendall, You are right…you have been a great boy and you write a great letter. I’m glad you help around the house. Your wishes are very modest and very generous. I will do what I can….everyone is asking for an iPhone these days. Keep up the good work, Kendall. I’ll bet you are doing great in school. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

On Christmas night every child around the world will be waiting on Santa. His elves are the best because they help wrap the presents. During Christmas time kids sometimes forget about the important things we need. Such as needing clothes are more important than toys. There are alot of things on my Christmas list but wanting a dog is #1 on the list. # 2 on my list is to get a phone case. I will be happy getting slippers as well. JaNiyah Williams

Dear JaNiyah, What a wonderful letter you wrote. The words flow like a beautiful field of flowers! Thank you so much. You are right…Christmas is for giving, especially to those who don’t have what we have. That is a short Christmas list, but I have to tell you: bringing a dog is always tough. Other kids ask for them, too, and it becomes a terrible mess on the sleigh! Don’t worry…you’ll be surprised! Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

To: Santa

From: Paris Alvarado

Hey Santa,

I like your suit and I like your personality. I’m doing good at home helping my family. I’m doing good in school — I just need to work on myself about my grades. I know I can improve my grades. I need some more clothes,socks and books. I need books because I want to improve my grades in reading. All I want for Christmas is everything go back normal and everybody be okay. I miss seeing everybody at school. I miss walking in the stores without this mask. I just want everything to go back normal. I miss seeing everyone’s face. I also want this light stand so I can do tiktoks and I want to spend time with my family. I want airpods so I can listen to music, but I really just want for christmas is everything go back normal.

Dear Paris, Boy does Santa agree with you. Back to normal is where we would all like to be. If we all do our part, and get the shot, too, we should come close to normal next year. That’s what I want for Christmas, too. You are very thoughtful. I’m glad you’re doing well in school and want to do better. Books are the way to do it. I have a book next to my chair all the time. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear santa claus…. Thanks for all the support- you are so amazing .You always make my day when I know Christmas is coming . I love singing your Christmas songs — my favorite is 12 days of Christmas. Anyways you bring joy to all kids by being you . You do a lot for us kids and grown-ups.

To be honest, I have a lot of wants but I need to tell you my needs. I need new clothes — maybe like a Christmas sweater and Christmas socks. Also, some shoes- my old shoes are broke and my shoe lace is coming out so I really need more for christmas. Now for my wants…………

This is my favorite part -I i get to talk about my wants. I already have one of my wants under the Christmas tree from my nice parents, Which is a hoverboard.

And then I want a laptop or some kind of computer. I also want L.E.D lights and last but, not least a bunny!!!

That is all I want for christmas- I hope you don’t mind getting it for me! bye!! Kiyanna Fleming

Dear Kiyanna, Thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t think of myself as amazing. I do have an amazing job, that’s for sure. I’m glad you got a hoverboard from your folks. I fear we may run out of them this year, because so many kids wished for one. I’ll look at the rest of your list. But a bunny is tough. I don’t deliver animals or pets because they mess up the sleigh. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

My name is Grayson and I want to apply for the position of an elf with Santa. I know I’d make a great elf!

The first reason I know I would be good for this job is I am a very hard worker. I follow instructions and can work well with others.Its very important that we get the job done in time for delivery.

Also, I am very creative with wrapping paper and I make great bows. I love to wrap toys. All the presents would be so pretty! Everyone would be so surprised when they woke up and saw the beautiful gifts under the tree.

I could help Mrs. Claus bake cookies. Cookies are my favorite thing she makes. I would ice them and put lots of sprinkles with love on them.

But most importantly I love helping other people! I’d help Santa on his sleigh delivering all the presents to everyone and make sure he didn’t miss anyone. I ‘d clean the sleigh for Santa until it was all nice and shiny. I can even help feed the reindeer and get them ready for the trip.

I know I would be a great addition to Santa’s crew of elves and would be one of his best workers while having a blast doing it!

Grayson Nixon

Dear Grayson, What a great sales pitch! It sounds like you would be a great worker. Are you short like an elf? Do you have a squeaky voice? Those help a lot. I’d love to have you making cookies, too…I need all I can get to keep my belly like jelly! Thanks for applying for the job; after Christmas, maybe we’ll call you to set up an appointment. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I am sure that Ellie Tynch will be your most outgoing and loving elf you have ever had in the whole world of elves.

One reason you should pick me is because I am thoughtful. I think of others, love them as me, and care about everyone. For example, I help people with their homework and help them understand it better.

Secondly, I am unique. I stand out,I have my own way of thinking, and I am kind in my own way. As evidence, I made my own song.

Lastly, I am successful. I get work done, I am good at being neat, and I do not rush at my work. In fact I make A’s and B’s.

I know you want an elf that is all of these things, and I am!

As you can see, I am thoughtful, unique, and most of all successful. That’s why you should pick me. Will you pick me? Well, we will see. Have a good Christmas and a happy New Year!

From: Ellie Tynch, the best “almost” elf

Dear Ellie, Outgoing and loving sounds good to me! That’s the way I try to be every day. You help each other every day, it seems, and in so many ways. You obviously work so hard, too. I would say you qualify to be an elf. We’ll be hiring after Christmas and we’ll maybe contact you. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

It is very certain that I should be a leader elf. There are so many reasons why- I just don’t even know exactly where to begin.

To start off, I am ambitious and HATE failing. I am determined to do any assignment that Santa gives me. I will try to get anything I put my mind to done.

Another reason is I am gentle and so cautious that I will not break anything because I would hate it if I was that kid who got the broken present. I would not let that happen anyway because of how determined I am. The last reason (IT’S NOT THE ONLY REASON I HAVE) is that I am trustworthy and I would never steal a kid’s present or lie to Santa — that would break Christmas rules and the Christmas spirit. Plus, the Santa cam would see anyway so I will never do anything mischievous.

HAHA! I tricked you! I am so amazing that I have another reason — I am also very intelligent. I have some common sense that will solve little things. I know this does not have to do with being smart, but i am also very funny and can make anyone laugh.

As you can see from all those reasons, I deserve to be a leader elf. I will make sure this is the best Christmas for the whole world this year!

By: Sarah Logan Cobb

Dear Sarah, You want to be not just an elf, but a leader elf. That’s a tall order! One thing: Don’t worry about failing; we can learn a lot by what made us fail. It does not make you a failure. It just means you haven’t found the solution yet. You sound like a very hard worker..we can use an elf like you. And we can use a funny one, too, because all the elves like to laugh! Thanks for your letter. Maybe we’ll talk in 2021. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Being the lead elf would be a great job for me. I like to have fun with all the stuff to do. In my opinion, I am very sure that I would be a tremendous lead elf for many reasons.

One amazing reason you should hire me as lead elf is that I’m always determined to finish something I started and keep trying my best. If something is hard, I try my best to not give up and tell myself to keep going. Also, if I ever get something started, I have to end up finishing it or it takes up a lot of room in my space.

I also have a very fun and hard-working personality. I’m very joyful when I do fun stuff and when I’m with my family and friends. I’m also very kind and positive when I do things. I love doing teamwork stuff, playing outside, and having fun also.

My third reason that you should hire me as lead elf is because I like helping people when they are in a bad situation. I try supporting them or helping them out when they need the help from me. If I’m hired as lead elf, I would love giving little joyful kids presents!

As you can see, I would be a great lead elf for you to hire. I would love to have the job! Also, if you let me be the lead elf, all the little kids in the world would have the best Christmas ever!

By: Parker Ford

Dear Parker, You made me smile so much! Thanks so much for your letter. You sound like you are not only hard-working, but a great person, too. You appreciate the joy of Christmas and that’s a good thing. We’ll be hiring in January. Maybe we can be in contact then. Don’t worry about failing; we can learn a lot by what made us fail. It does not make you a failure. It just means you haven’t found the solution yet. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I think I can be the lead elf because I’m hard-working, trustworthy, and also healthy. These are important qualities because the lead elf needs to be someone Santa can really depend on to make sure Christmas is great for everyone!

I’m hard-working because I always try to finish my work.I always try my hardest. I can do my work quickly and still do a good job. At home, I show I’m hard-working by helping my mom and dad.

I’m also trustworthy because you can always trust me. I don’t ever lie. I always tell the truth, even if it’s a bad situation. Santa needs a lead elf he can trust — he can trust me!

I am healthy because I eat healthy foods, I drink healthy things, and I don’t get sick a lot. There’s no time off for elves to be sick, especially this close to Christmas when they are all very busy.

This sums up how I can be an outstanding elf by being hard working, trustworthy and I will be healthy. That’s why I should be the lead elf. I am an outstanding human and I will be the same as an elf.

By: Ezra Martin

Dear Ezra, Congratulations! You seem to be a very positive person, and a hard working one at that. These days, being healthy is more important than ever. Good job. Hard-working and trustworthy are so important, too. We’ll see about the job. I’m not interviewing until next year; maybe we can talk then. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Elf For Hire

I think you should make me the top elf in the workshop so I could make sure every elf would work hard and quick before christmas! I am very energetic! I could easily get multiple things done in a matter of seconds. Some of the things I can do is make at least 65 toys or more in a matter of 3 minutes, and rush around the workshop to help all the other elves! One last thing is I could bring Santa things to get the sleigh ready before its time to go! I’m also extra responsible with many things! One thing I would do is clean up messes other elves make or messes I make. Another thing I would do is fix toys that other elves broke or toys that I broke myself. One last thing is that I would fix the toys so well, you wouldn’t even be able tell it was broken in the first place! And lastly, I’m very trustworthy! When another elf tries to steal one of the really expensive toys such as a robot I would go tell Santa what they are doing. Also I would never try to steal a toy from the workshop. Lastly, Santa would be able to trust me with wrapping the gifts and getting the sleigh ready for the long trip he would be taking! As you can see I would be a very hardworking elf just right for the job and I would be able to make sure all the other elves are working hard before Christmas time!

By: Timothy Cloud

Dear Timothy, You have a lot of good ideas! I like that in an elf. How can you build toys so fast and not make mistakes? I am very impressed. As for other elves stealing, it just doesn’t happen. Everyone here knows we’re in the happy business, and stealing is not happy. Trust is key up here. Maybe we’ll speak next year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa, I think I would be the perfect lead elf to help you prepare for Christmas day. I heard you have to be very responsible to be the lead elf because on Christmas morning all the children’s happiness rests in my hands.

I have a very good imagination so I can think of new toys and gadgets for kids and bring them to life. I can think of faster ways to prepare for Christmas so it doesn’t take 365 days.

I’m also very positive and joyful. Therefore, I will keep a candy cane attitude all year (candy cane means positive). If any elf is sad, I will encourage them to keep going and try my hardest to make them feel better. I will learn all languages to make sure that happens.

I should also be your lead elf because I’m a multi-tasker. I can wrap presents and think of new toys in only 3.4 seconds.

Therefore, I think I should be your lead elf. I don’t want this job for the money — I want it to make kids happy. I hope you pick me!

By: Blair Wood

Dear Blair, I hope I pick you, too. You have some great qualities and experience. But what I like best is your positive, hard-working attitude. It’s the way we all are around here. I like that candy cane attitude. May I use that line? I’ll hope we can meet next year about the job. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Santa is picking a new lead elf. I was thinking I could really be it! Do you think I can do it? I really hope I can! I will try to tell Santa that I’m the best!

To start this off, I think that I could be a really good lead elf because I’m honest, I don’t give up, and I’m really fast at wrapping presents. If I made a mistake in Santa’s workshop, I would be honest and tell Santa right away. I don’t steal your toys or anything in the workshop. There are so many presents to be made for lots of children, so I would never give up until they were all done and done well. I can wrap presents in about 5.0 seconds and the presents look beautiful!

Above all, I’m always in a good mood. I’m never grumpy. Another reason is I will respect your stuff. I will put everything that I touch back where it was. I won’t give a bad attitude.I will love all the other elves and I will be kind to them. I’m very good at being sneaky when I have to sneak to keep a surprise. I’m not loud and I’m very, very, very quiet. Well, that’s all — I hope I can be the lead elf! It will be a fabulous Christmas!

By: Sawyer Macumber

Dear Sawyer, I loved your letter! I like that you are always in a good mood. That’s not easy. Sometimes it’s real hard. But if we try, we don’t have to be grumpy (except that one dwarf of Snow White). All of us here respect everything. There is never a problem with theft. Things break, but we all pitch in to fix them. You might fit very well here…maybe we’ll talk in 2021. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I think that I will be the best elf leader because I am faster than a cheetah, wrap presents better than humans, and best of all, I can be the best JOYFUL elf in the world!

I can be as fast as a cheetah or better, I can be faster than a cheetah. I can use my speed for good use like for all kinds of crazy stuff! Examples: to make toys, give the toys to Santa, get the reindeer ready, and wrap presents.

I can wrap better than humans. Plus, I can wrap 500 presents in one day in 15 hours and then a 2 hour break and then go right back to work in the workshop. Plus, I can wrap for ages til I am tired, but usually I never get tired. I just keep on wrapping til Santa says it’s Christmas Eve and then time to stop wrapping presents and get them in the sled.

Now for the final thing, I can do the best- I can be JOYFUL to everyone- to kids, to santa, to other elves, and to so many other people! I am joyful and happy! If I ever do get the job of helping or working or being the leader of the elves, I will be happy and joyful, so big thanks to santa claus! I hope I get the JOB.

So after all that I had said or written, I think that I am fit for the job to help Santa with the elves, with the presents, or help reindeer with the sled. I think that I should be the leader and be hired to help Santa.

By: Emigdio Bustos-Ascencio

Dear Emigdio, Two things about your letter that caught Santa’s eye..that you are fast and you are joyful. We’re all about fast up here, so we could use that skill. You don’t have to work 15 hours…8 hours a day is just fine. We’re very organized. The joyful thing is great because, as you know, I am all about joy! Maybe we can talk in the New Year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

If I was hired as Santa’s lead elf, I know Christmas would be amazing! I would make sure all toys were creatively designed to bring a huge joyful smile to every boy and girl. I think this would be an amazing experience for everyone, especially after a year of crazy times during the pandemic.

Being a lead elf requires responsibility. I’m responsible because I can help with anything you need and other things as well. I show responsibility by doing chores at home such as dusting, giving the dogs water daily, and I do my homework each night. My parents depend on me to do these chores.

I would be very helpful as a lead elf. I know where everything is. I could also help wrap many presents and help bake delicious cookies for everyone. I could also help with the reindeer and the sleigh for Santa. I will help any of the other elves any time they need it. At home, I help bring in the groceries when there is a lot. I also help my dad out in the shop.

Another important quality to have to be lead elf is to be smart. I can write every single word in the world and I can make sure that Santa reads every single last letter. I’m also really good at Science and Social Studies. Mrs. Byrum thinks I’m really smart, too!

For these reasons, I would be a good lead elf because I would be the perfect elf for the job! Being responsible, helpful, and smart are just a few of the many great qualities I have to make me the best choice for this job of lead elf!

By: Will Basnight

Dear Will, Yours is a great letter! You set it up well, and asked for the job with a summary at the end. Well done! It shows a lot of intelligence. Santa is also glad to see that you are responsible. It’s very important up here. If we didn’t do our jobs here, Christmas might be delayed! That would not be good. Keep up the good work! I hope we can have an interview next year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I feel that I should be a head elf worker for Santa’s workshop. Some qualities about me that would make me an amazing head elf worker are I do things quickly, I’m very creative in building things, I’m responsible, and I’m a hard worker.

I’m fast and good at building things. I can make a lot of presents for the children in a short amount of time. I can build any toy that any kid wants.

Also, I’m responsible. I do what an adult tells me to do and do all my homework and have good grades. Specifically, I can keep up with Mrs. Byrum’s rigorous (but nice) class. It’s my favorite! I do all my homework.

Finally, I’m hard working. I know how to build decks and I know how to wrap presents. I can do any job Santa asks me to do.

I think I should be a head elf for Santa’s workshop because I’m nice, I know how to build, and I’m very, very sneaky and lovable. I’m also fast, responsible, and hard working. I’m a great choice for the head elf! I hope Santa hires me!

By: Harley Baker

Dear Harley, You said the right word: NICE! It’s the most important quality anyone can have, not just the elves. That would be very important for this job. So is responsibility and creativity. I can’t wait to see samples of your work. Keep helping around the house and all those other nice things, and maybe we’ll talk in 2021. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Hello, Santa! I know you have been working hard! I would like for you to hire me to be an elf! I think that would be a genuinely fun thing for me to do!

So, a reason you should hire me is because I can play-test everything. When I’m at home I’m playing games and sometimes TEST games. Yeah, pretty cool and epic! I also play with toys so I could test the toys such as Lego and action figures! I could send you the results of each test I do for you, Santa.

I am also a very helpful person! I help my sister, dad, and mom with things like stressful days, setting things up, and keeping my sister occupied! I also help my Grandma when she goes to help my Great Grandma by getting her breakfast and helping her get up in the morning.

I’m usually a healthy person! I’m doing a good job for social distancing, even at Walmart! I have not gotten corona even though my grandpa and grandma and great grandma and grandpa have had it. I have not gotten the flu for the past year and a half either!

Well, guess that’s it, huh. Thanks for reading my letter santa! I promise I would be a good elf by doing all these things.

PS I’m working on being responsible.

From : Bryson Forward

Dear Bryson, Being an elf is a fun thing to do. It’s a lot of work, but elves are always laughing and singing. I had not thought about having a toy-tester. What a good idea! Usually, I play with everything, but there are so many toys now, how can I do them all? That would really help me. Keep wearing those masks. And keep working on being responsible… you’ll need to be that on any job. My prayers are with your family who is infected. I hope we can talk in the New Year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa


I think you should hire me as the lead elf in your workshop. I love helping people and giving boys and girls joy .When I help people, I feel like my job is done and is the best feeling anyone can have. Santa if you hire me, it will be the best Christmas of your life.

I love Christmas. Christmas is the best time of the year, you can open presents but this year I’m trying to be an elf so I can make boys and girls happy. I’m a perfect elf, hardworking, trustworthy, and a problem solver.

When there is a problem, I always find a way to solve it and I never have an untidy workplace. I don’t give up — I will keep trying until I solve the problem.

I am trustworthy. Santa, I never leave a task undone and I will keep the elves on track because it is only 17 days until Christmas. You can trust me to feed the reindeer every day.

I think I would be the best elf for this Christmas. I will make sure the job is done well!

By: Ka’miyah Ward

Dear Ka’miyah, Thank you for such a positive letter! Helping people is the best! It’s why I do what I do…helping people be happy. Giving is better than receiving, right? Christmas is the best time of the year, especially this year. I could use a hard-working, trustworthy and problem-solving elf. Can we talk next year? Keep being nice! Santa

I think I should become an elf at the north pole because I will make it the best year ever by building super cool, fun toys. I will make the toys that kids dream of, but cant get it from their parents so I will get it for them.

One reason to make this a better Christmas is making everybody happy by making the best presents the kids have ever had. I will make kids have the best toys ever that they can ride on, play on, throw, drive, beat up, or punch. For the bigger kids, I will get them more workout stuff and stuff that the big kids use more often, like a boat or truck. I will surprise them with their dream car, truck, boat, toy and anything they dream of! But, if I am going to do all of that , I will have to get tougher and stronger so I can build their stuff because that stuff will be hard to pick up with just my little arms.

I will need to be sneaky. I need to get around the house without getting caught, get to a new hiding spot without getting caught, and spy on the kids plus get out of the house without getting torn up by the dogs. Even when I am moving to a new spot, I have to watch out for the dog.

I will need to be a team player because I have to build with other elves and fly with them, have meetings with them, ride with them and Santa so I have to be kind and cool. I know I’m a team player because I get along with everyone I’m around and I get along with my brothers.

For these reasons, I think I should become an elf because it will be the best Christmas ever! So, Santa I think I should be hired as an elf to help you get the job done!

By: Evan Williams

Dear Evan, I love what you said about building super cool toys! I could use someone who knows what’s popular today. At first, when you said you would be sneaky, I was concerned. But ah-ha, that is an important quality for the elves that do the shelf thing. Sometimes they are tattletales…you don’t do that, do you? Let’s talk about the job after Christmas and in the meantime, Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Hold on Santa just for one second. I need to give you some reasons and evidence why I should be a top elf. I am as tough as burnt chocolate chip cookies, I move like the flash while loading up presents. I’m so strong I can pick you up while you’re on the sleigh. Santa, I am as trustworthy as a sturdy bridge.

Santa, I’m so smart! You can ask my reading teacher. Her favorite word is rigorous! All I take is A’s and B’s. I’m a super cook — you should taste my honey lemon pepper fried chicken and I make a mean lemon meringue pie! I am so trustworthy — your presents will be packed the day before christmas.

Without a doubt, I think I should be top elf. I will make sure that all the elves will be 100% hard workers and I will make sure you have your chocolate chip cookies and milk every day, Santa!

By: Michael White Jr.

Dear Michael, I am very impressed with your letter. I think your comparisons about being tough, fast, strong are trustworthy are well said. You’re the kind of guy I like to have in the workshop. Congratulations on doing so well in school, especially these days. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I think that I should be the elf that helps Santa when he needs it. I will make it the best Christmas.

I will do what Santa tells me to do. When Santa tells me that he needs me to read a note or get something for Santa, I will do it .

I will tell santa when I break something. If I drop something and it breaks then I will tell Santa that I broke the toy.

I will help the elves if they need help. If an elf needs me to help them make a toy I will help them make the toy.

I think that I should be the elf that helps Santa when he needs it. If you want it to be the best christmas you will want to hire me so I can help you.

By Emma Nixon

Dear Emma, Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate that you are a good listener and trustworthy. I don’t know what it is with the elves…they rarely break anything. Even though they are fast, they are careful when they work. Good for you for being helpful. We’ll probably talk with each other next year! Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Who do you want to be head elf? Well, it’s me, I can do more jobs than I can count.

I am more trustworthy than your dog. I am so trustworthy that my friend with trust issues trusts people now.

I am so helpful, you have no idea. If an elf on the other side of the North Pole needs help, I will help them. If Mrs. Clause or Santa hurts their back, I will try to help.

I take good care of all the animals. I clean up all the 9 reindeer hair and poop. I walk your dog and feed your dog

and cats. I clean up the cats’ and dogs’ poop.

I am small and fast and sneaky. I can sneak in a kid’s

house and give the kid their present so sneakily not

a mouse will know.

I used to watch a kid a lot. Lots of kids — actually, all of the kids I watched believed in Christmas.

In conclusion, I’m the best elf for the job.

By: Chad Ackermann

Dear Chad, You know, when I think of hiring elf, I usually think of making toys, not picking up poop. Thanks for that idea, sort of. That’s what I call helpful! Your trustworthy qualities are admirable. As for being a sneaky elf, it’s not as much fun as you think. They put a lot of miles on themselves. We’ll be hiring next year and will get back to you then. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I think you should hire me because I’m short and I can sneak around with santa without making noise.I can work with santa as his lead elf to make this the most memorable Christmas in history! All the boys and girls will have huge smiles on their faces and lots of joy in their hearts!

Oh hey Santa ,you should hire me as one of your elves this Christmas. Let me give you a reason why. Make sure you listen to this reason why you should hire me. I’m short and I can blend in with all of your other elves. While we’re wrapping presents for the children you will not even notice that I’m even there helping the other elves. After you hire me, you will already think that I’m already an elf because I’m short.The letters that the children sent you of what to get them, I will make their dreams come true. But the only way that can happen is if you hire me this Christmas as one of your elves. Make sure you hire me so that the children get the toys that they want and are not disappointed on Christmas morning.

The next reason why you should hire me is because I’m responsible. I’m responsible because I make sure to have my homework every single day when I go to school. Also, if you need me I will be there to help you with anything. I’m also responsible because while you tell us the toys to wrap, I will be wrapping them so quickly. That is another reason why you should hire me this christmas as one of your elves.

The last reason is because I’m sneaky because when we go into houses I can be as quiet as a mouse while walking. I’m also sneaky because I can sneak around with lots of things.That is why you should hire me this christmas as one of your elves.

Also, Merry Christmas! What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

I gave you all of those reasons why you should hire me as your lead elf this Christmas.But if you want those boys and girls to be happy on christmas all you have to do is hire me as your lead elf! I will make this the best Christmas ever and I will not let the Grinch steal Christmas like CORONAVIRUS stole the world. Well that’s it! Merry Christmas and have the best Christmas ever!

Sincerely, Khalea Bell

Dear Khalea, What a great letter! It’s not often that I get an application letter from a short person. That is very helpful, because it does make things easier. All the worktables are pretty low. Responsibility is an important part of the job, too. Doing well in school is a good example, so do keep it up. Santa will decide about the job next year, so maybe we’ll talk then. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I am sure that I would do an incredible job as the lead elf in Santa’s workshop. I work really hard to be my best and break my limits. I will make sure Christmas will be better than it’s ever been.

The reason why I think I should be lead elf is because I work harder than every other elf. I stay up late to make more presents. I still come in on time in the morning. That’s one reason why I should me lead elf.

Also, I am helpful. I can help all the elves in the workshop even if they are sick. I help my family when they are in need of help and I think everyone is going to love the help. That’s why I think I should be lead elf.

I think I should be lead elf because I am responsible. I wake up on time and I am never late — NEVER! I can put stuff in order. I never let a toy fall out of the boxes, I mean never!

Without a doubt, Santa would be very pleased with all the amazing gifts for the children all over the world if I was hired as the lead elf.

by Jayden Gilliam

Dear Jayden, Thank you for your nice letter. Maybe you would make a good elf. Santa looks for the kinds of qualities you have: a good work ethic, being helpful, being responsible and excited to make the gifts. That’s great! When we start hiring, I’ll probably get back to you. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa, My name is Grayson Nixon. I am in the fifth grade at D F Walker Elementary School in Edenton, North Carolina. Thank you so much for trying so hard to make sure everyone gets what they need for Christmas.

I really don’t need anything for myself but some kids don’t have coats to keep them warm. Santa, could you make sure they get a warm coat and maybe a toy?

Santa, there are two things I really want for Christmas. The first thing is I want to get my mom the best Christmas gift she’s ever gotten. But I don’t know what to get! Could you help me figure out what to get her? My mom is the best mom ever. The second thing I really want is a Barbie Dream Camper.

I try really, really hard to listen to my parents and do as they ask me to. I have been working really hard to keep up with all my remote school assignments as well as my grades. It’s hard sometimes though. I miss my friends and teachers and not being in school.I wish covid would go away!

Be safe, Grayson Nixon

Dear Grayson, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. This has been a tough year for everyone, especially for students like you. It must be very difficult. Hopefully Santa can brighten things up this Christmas. You are very generous with your wishes. To figure out a gift for your mom, ask yourself: what does she like to do? Cook? Then get her a cookbook. Play tennis? Some tennis balls. That sort of thing. That Barbie Dream Camper is cool. I’ll see what I can do. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa:

You are the best santa because if there was no christmas there would be no santa but we have you in our life.

I really need a new geometry book.

I really want a math learning book and a new reading book for home and so I can study out of them.

I Love You Santa have a Wonderful Christmas.

From: Samuel Mansfield

Dear Samuel, Thanks for your letter and for the nice words. I love being a part of everyone’s life, because I love to spread joy wherever I go. I bet you are the same way. Your wish list is very must really like math and reading. What a great future you will have! I love you too, Samuel. Keep being nice! Santa

I heard you are looking for a new head elf. Well you have come to the right place. Your new head elf is right in front of your face. You don’t believe me, well I’ll give you a few reasons why I should be your head elf.

First of all, I’m extremely helpful. I’m always ready to help. If you’re ever stuck on the job, you know who you can call. Another is when things don’t work out exactly as planned, I will do my best to find another way and as fast as possible. And no matter what, I can help you and whoever else needs to be helped.

I also am very flexible. If I get moved to a different job suddenly, I can learn how to do the job quickly. If someone is out for the day, I can do their job and mine too. And if you need to move me anywhere, feel free to ask.

And lastly, I am always joyful. No offense Santa, but you need to make sure all your elves have a smile on their face at all times. When I’m happy my happiness is like a domino effect. And I just wanted to say happiness should be included in every situation.

Now that you know about who is standing in front of you, I think you should welcome me to the world of elves. Your new head elf is standing right in front of you.

By: Maycee Hughes

Dear Maycee, I love hiring people who want to be helpful! There is always something to do around here. But it’s the joyful thing I like to see. There is just not enough joy in the world right now. Santa is doing what he can to brighten things up, but I am only one man. A big man! HO-HO-HO!I like the domino effect…like when laughter spreads in a room. It happens with the elves all the time. We’ll talk about the job next year, maybe. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Reasons I should be the head elf

I believe I would be the best option for the head elf. Why? Well let me explain

Some of the few reasons I would be the best head elf. Because I’m eager, I’m happy 24/7,I will be energetic, and I will be thrilled to do my work. This makes people around me happy and energetic as well.

The second reason is because I’m determined. Since giving in is not a choice for me, I can figure out ways to get out of tough situations, fix, and avoid them! Many things may happen on and before Christmas.

Lastly, I’m athletic. I can dash and dodge and get where I need to be. This may come in handy when its not even an hour before Christmas and everyone is rushing to get places! As you can see, I have many reasons to be the head elf.

By: Ja’cee Whitfield

Dear Ja’cee, Well, you certainly made a great case for the job. Thank you. You have many good qualities. But my favorite one is that you are happy. We need all the happiness we can get. And it’s contagious, like the virus but a good thing. We’ll send out letters for the job next month…hopefully you’ll be on that list, too! Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I think that Santa should hire me to be his lead elf if he wants this to be the best Christmas ever. I will be very helpful to Santa, the reindeer, and the other elves.

The first reason that Santa should hire me is I am very hard working. I will work hard on the presents and do a good job. I will help Santa when he needs help with different tasks and things. If sanata gives me a task, I will try my best on it and work very hard on the task.

The next reason is I am also very creative! I am very creative with the presents I make. Also, when I go to the kids’ homes to do the surprise when they wake up, I am very creative with those surprises. I am also creative with how I do things as well.

The last reason that Santa should hire me is that I am very helpful! I love to help the other elves with their presents that they are making if they need help. Also, sometimes Santa has trouble with things he has to do, but if he does need help I’ll be there to help him! I also like helping Mrs. Clause with things like baking cookies or getting the reindeer ready for bed and feeding them!

These are the reasons why I think Santa should hire me to be his lead elf to make this the best christmas ever.

By: Carley Layden

Dear Carley, Thank you for writing to me. I’m glad you’re interested in the job. Working hard is very important, whether at the North Pole or in school. Creativity is very important up here…we always need new toy ideas. We’ll maybe talk with you again next year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa


I think I should be an elf because I am smart, responsible, and fast-working. So that is why my dear Santa, I should be your number one elf!

I am smart because I can count all the gifts and make them on time so that you can give the kids their gifts that they are waiting for on Christmas! For example, you’re going to need someone to count and to read all your letters. You will need someone to count the gift, also. So, that is why you need me as your elf — I’m also smart because I speak two different languages.

I also think that I should be your elf because I am fast-working. I can wrap a gift in 8 seconds! Counting all the gifts will take 10 seconds and they will be done! In 20 seconds, I can help you read all your letters. That adds up to 38 seconds because I am so fast! You won’t worry at all! So, I think that I should be your elf and you should think that, too.

In fact, I think that I am a good elf because I am smart, responsible and fas-working. I’m responsible because I got all of the gifts to go. I will wrap the gift and then they are all ready to go — fast and on time. These are all the reasons why I want to be your one and only number one elf.

As you can see I would be the best elf in the whole world because you need to have the best Christmas ever! I will want to be an elf so you can have a responsible, smart, and fast-working elf. I think my dear Santa that you should hire me as your elf so I can be a fast worker by helping read all the letters and wrap all the gifts for the kids. I’m smart because I can do math fast. I can find ways where to go without the people knowing and put the gifts under the tree and get out without waking anyone up! I’m fast working, responsible, and smart at the same time and everytime.


Dear Abigail, Thank you for your letter. I am glad you like the idea of giving gifts..that’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it? Speed and responsibility are key, too. We have a lot of work to do in a year. But if you did everything in 38 seconds, what would the elves do? What would Santa do? I’ll let you know about the job next year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa


I think Santa should hire me as an Elf because I can sneak around with Santa without making any noise.I feel that I should be hired because I’m hard working and I can finish in time and I can be fast at wrapping up kids’ toys. That’s why I think I should be hire as a head Elf.

Reason 1.Quickly working — The Elf has to be quickly working so that toys can be done. Reason 2. smart thinking -The Elf has to be smart thinking so that the Elf can remember what to do or what to make. Reason 3. hard working — The elf needs to be hard working so that when santa needs help, the Elves can help santa with whatever he needs help with. I will help Santa when Santa needs help and I will do it as fast as I can. Also, I am trustworthy and I will always tell Santa whatever is wrong or if something is happening. So in case he loses his reindeer, I can help him find them. I am healthy because you have to watch what you eat — me or santa can get sick if we eat something we are not supposed to eat.

I feel that I should be hired as an Elf because I am hard working and I can finish in time when it is supposed to be done and I can be fast wrapping stuff. That’s why I think I should be hired as head Elf. When santa is putting stuff under people’s tree, I can be watching the kids’ room making sure they will not see santa at all and I will make sure I am nice and helpful as I can to the other Elves and the reindeer and santa the most. I also like helping bake the cookies or putting the reindeer in their bed so when me and santa finish baking the cookies we can go to bed and dont have to worry about anything and we can go straight to bed. Me and santa will have the best christmas we ever had and I am responsible for whatever I do and whatever other people do but if I do something wrong I will go and try my best to fix whatever I did. I am smart because I count all the gifts in time so when it is time to take them they will be in a big red bag. So when it is time to go deliver the gifts to the kids and make sure you know who to give gifts to and who not to give gifts to and I can count all the letters and read all the letters that kids wrote. I can watch the reindeer while Santa is in the house putting gifts under the tree and I could come in with you and help you putting gifts under the tree if you need help doing that so Santa can have time to eat his cookies and milk. I can go give the reindeer their carrots so the reindeer can eat before the next trip.

By: Andrew Brown

Dear Andrew, It sounds like hiring you would be a good idea. Thank you for writing. I’m glad you’re hard working. Are you that way in school, too? I had not thought about having an elf that would travel with and help me. I could get things done faster and take a longer winter’s nap! I’ll let you know in 2021. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I think that I should be the lead elf in your workshop.

I am hard working because I’m always working hard to make it the best Christmas ever.

I will never mess up a toy and will always make the best toys in the north pole.

I am a team player. I will always help other elves if they need help making a toy . I will never yell at other workers even if they yell at me first. I will never hog the tools in the workshop ever.

I am creative and I’m always making the coolest toys. I will always be making original toys and never making unoriginal toys.

For these reasons I think I should be the lead elf in your workshop.

By: Wyatt Ganzert

Dear Wyatt, Thank you for taking the time to write and for your interest in the elf job. It’s very important to be a team player; I’m glad you mentioned that. Because we are a team up here…a BIG team! I would like some new toy ideas…kids are always long for them. I’ll let you know the status of the job next year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I think I should be the leader elf if you want Christmas to be the best holiday ever. I am very likable and very responsible. I try to do work and concentrate on my work and I am very helpful. If you want a sneaky elf, I am really quiet and fast by putting presents under the christmas tree. I’m also really fast at making toys and really good at making the presents! I am really nice if you want a really nice elf.

I can bake yummy cookies that are juicy and crispy. I can make that hot cocoa and those gingerbread men and all types of food. I’m really good at making those juicy chocolate cookies! I can be really trustworthy while I make my food- I wash my hands before I make food. So you should not worry about getting sick. I am really healthy. I never miss a day of school.

I will check the list to see the ones who were bad all year and the ones who were good to be sure all elves make the toys. I can make a lot of toys and I am really fast to do work. I do not do sloppy work and I can check the list more than two times to be sure that the kid really wants that toy. I will make sure that the toys are good for the child and I will make sure it works before the kid wants the toy before christmas. I will also make sure it goes to the right kid!

After we get the toys ready, I will make sure that the reindeer are ready before the night of christmas and the sled is ready to go. If you want me to help you put the presents under the Christmas tree, I am really sneaky! I am really quiet to not wake the kids up! That’s why you should pick me as your leader elf! From Jessica Lopez-Bonilla

Dear Jessica, Oh boy, a sneaky elf! I could use some help delivering toys or being lookouts for awakened kids. There is a lot of work to be done up here, and we need a hard worker. What’s most important is that you can bake cookies! HO-HO-HO! Boy, do I like cookies!! I hope we consider you for the job, and I will let you know next year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa, I believe I would be an excellent lead elf. Here’s why :)

First off, I believe you would be very impressed by my excellent leadership skills. In team projects, my teammates always want ME to be the leader because I am easy to get along with and I have a good sense of humor. I bring positive energy with me all the time and personally, I believe I am a good friend and person to be around. I am very acceptable to the people around me. I am also a creative person once I get a good spark of an idea. I am also a good listener so if you have ideas I can make them happen. Also, I am a good helper to help people gather stuff and I can run fast so if it’s an emergency I can go get it really quick. Speaking of running fast, my running skills are good for sneaking in gifts into houses and my feet are light so it won’t make that much noise. And, I can fit into small spaces so if Santa’s sleigh is packed, I can push myself into a small empty space. I am also already pretty short too. This is why I believe I would be a good elf. I hope you can consider hiring me as your lead elf. Victoria Nunez

Dear Victoria, Thanks for your letter. I’m glad to hear that you are interested in the elf job. You sound like a born leader, and I like that. A good sense of humor is important…we tell a lot of jokes up here! Positive energy is my favorite…a positive person can be a great leader. I’ll let you know how the process goes. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I Should Be The Head Elf

I think that you should hire me because I can get a lot done. And when I’m working with my dad I get a lot done especially because I like work. But I do have one question: do I get paid? And this is another good thing when I’m with my dad. I don’t give up so obviously I’m not gonna give up here. But now the reason why I should be the head elf. That reason is I can be the head elf because I like being a boss and I like not having to work all the time. And you need the head elf to take care of things. That leads to another thing. Which is this: you could give me the best thing in the world and tell me to take care of it for a year and it wouldn’t even come out of the box and it would come right back to you in a year. But there is one thing interesting: I’ll probably prank elves, but in a good way. I am sneaky and very good at wrapping presents. I can wrap one in 4 seconds. Please give me the job. I have a lot of good talents to help you on the job -please! By: Braxton Hughes

Gee, Braxton, I am happy to hear that you are a hard worker and that you help your dad. But no one gets paid up here in the North Pole. We do it out of the goodness of our hearts. Besides, we don’t need money up here. And liking to be the boss is a good goal, but that means you have to work harder and longer all the time. I’ll let you know about the job next year, OK? Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa


I think I should be the lead elf only if you want this to be the best Christmas ever and when I mean the best, I mean the best ever!

So the first reason I should be lead elf is that I am trustworthy because lots of elves trust me with important things like not putting the wrong toy in the wrong box for the wrong kid.I also do not trick people and I follow directions.

The second reason is I am passionate and I love making toys.I used to to make presents a lot just for the fun of it and now that I get to do it for you santa! I am even more happy to make them. If I was not passionate and did not like making presents, I would probably quit on the first day making them.

And the last reason is that I am hard working. I used to make presents all day and would not stop until I finished. And I can lift heavy toys and work longer than any other elf plus I can wrap a present in 2.5 seconds tops and when things go wrong I do not give up.

From.Brendan Ganzert

Dear Brendan, Thank you for your interest in the lead elf job. I like when a candidate is hard working. Trust is key, too, and sometimes, we do make mistakes, so someone who can watch over the toy shipments would be helpful. Never give up, Brendan. I’ll let you know what happens. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

Dear Santa,

I think that I should be head elf because I would be the best head elf you can get. So if you hire me, I would make every year amazing. Here are some reasons.

One reason is I am not lazy, which means I can take short breaks and I can concentrate very well. Since I’m not lazy, I can work extra hours and work the night shift.

Another reason is I am passionate about things. I am passionate about Christmas because I will make sure every kid gets what they want. If an elf is having a bad day, I can turn It into a good day.

My last reason is I am strong. I might be short but I am strong.Since I’m strong I can help you carry strong objects whenever you need me to.

Without a doubt, I should be head elf to make you and the other elves have the best day possible.

From: Ethan Roberson

Dear Ethan, I like your style…wanting to help others have the best day. That’s what we’re all about around here. Passion for toys and giving are the qualities most desired in an elf. You have to love what you do, right? Thanks for your interest and I’ll let you know what we’re doing next year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! Santa

I think I should Be Lead Elf because you want someone who’s able to handle all the stress and help it run Smooth. One of the reasons is because I’m confident I’ll be the one whos going to make an improvement in the toy making company and they will also feel like they’re giving.

Another thing is I’m smart. I can keep up with the time and how much things we need to make. Also, I can keep up with how many kinds of toys and what the toy can do. Also, one more thing is how many elves are needed to do it and when we need to get started and finish .

Also I’m trustworthy. I will make A big change and make you feel like you can trust me with everything and it will make everything easy. I will put my heart into this job so it can be the best Christmas and on point every time. These are some things you might like and others! That’s why I think you should hire me!

From Ja’Niyah Bunch

Dear Ja’Niyah, When you say you will put your heart into this job, Santa’s own heart jumps for joy. We need all our elves to love what they do. We could perhaps use someone in quality control; your skills might come in handy there. I’ll let you know next year. Merry Christmas! Keep being nice! SantaSee byrum,

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