The Edenton Historical Commission is pleased to announce that Erienne Dickman was promoted to house manager of the Penelope Barker House Welcome Center.

Dickman’s career with the Welcome Center began as a teenager when, at 16, she became a sales associate. During her time at the Barker House, she has worked with the past two executive directors.

Her exposure to their different styles has shown her what works and what doesn’t for the Welcome Center’s needs. Her responsibilities have grown over the years, and she has positioned herself as a valuable asset to the Commission.

According to Dickman, “Growing up in Edenton, I have always enjoyed spending time on our beautiful waterfront. I have such fond memories of long bike rides, Blount’s limeade, and swimming in Edenton Bay. My son just turned one and I am so excited that he will get to experience those same childhood ‘staples’ in such a tight-knit community. The passion and sense of community in Edenton is unmatched. I loved my time in Raleigh, but there is nothing like coming home.”

Dickman has a degree in strategic communications from William Peace University.

The Penelope Barker House Welcome Center , at the end of South Broad Street, Edenton, is open to the public every day except Tuesdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you have questions about planning an event or becoming a volunteer at the Welcome center, please contact her at .

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