As the boating and fishing community shifts into summer, Regulator introduces its 2021 model year line-up, with new upgrades that give fans the flexibility to do it all. The Regulator 31 and 34 power up with new Yamaha XF425 power option and make room for more comfort with new 3X Deluxe Mezzanine Tackle Center upgrade. Throughout Regulator’s fleet, Yamaha Next Generation Digital Electronic Controls and Fusion® set a new standard, and the console gets a new look with room for an expanded set of options. Functional extras including new Rear Sun Shade, Rigid™ LED Light Bar, cup holder rod holders, and inductive smartphone charger complete a full set of options to give owners more offshore.

Regulator 31 is now the fastest boat in the Regulator fleet, reaching top speeds of 64 miles per hour when owners opt for twin Yamaha XF425s. Twin XF425s are also a new option on the Regulator 34 and 34SS, in response to consumer demand.

The new “Helm Master EX” option, standard on the Regulator 41 and optional on the 28, 31, 34 and 34SS, has additional features and offers a more responsive experience at every turn. Helm Master® EX Joystick with Multimode Set Point™ and EX Autopilot with Waypoint Deceleration offer better ergonomics and elevated functionality. Waypoint Deceleration allows you to slow your approach to favorite fishing grounds, sandbars and other marks, then shift easily to Multimode Set Point™ to maintain position for rigging baits, setting up for watersports and more. This updated package is complete with new Electronic Key Switch with Wireless Fob.

New this year, owners will see enhanced functionality across all Regulator Offshore and XO models with the Yamaha Next Generation Digital Boat Control System.

Fusion® entertainment is now standard on all models, with the Fusion Apollo™ stereos, including the RA670 and RA770, available across various boats in the fleet. The Apollo series features Fusion’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Wi-Fi audio streaming with Apple AirPlay® 2, over-the-air software updates and multiple source options. Plus, choose the Entertainment Upgrade option for additional speakers and features.

Rigid® Spreader Lights and LED Light Bar are available on all models, with spreader lights integrated into the T-Top and Light Bar mounted at the very front of the T-Top for a seamless look.

Cup holder/rod holders are now available across all offshore models.

Inductive Smartphone Charger now available on the Regulator 28-41, mounted to the console directly adjacent to the wheel for easy access.

Electric Anchor Light and Antenna Mount give owners the capability to raise and lower lights and antennas at the touch of a button, located within the new switch panel.

Following the popularity of Regulator’s Forward Sun Shade option, the Regulator 23, 25 and XO models will have an optional Rear Sun Shade. Fabric and functionality will match the Forward Sun Shade – easy to install and store on board. Larger models (28-41) will still have the cockpit SureShade® option for cooling comfort at the touch of a button.

Two new gelcoat colors! Following a mid-winter fan vote, Aqua Shoal and Sunset have been introduced as the latest gelcoat colors available throughout the fleet, with all existing colors and custom gelcoats still available.

“This model year is all about flexibility and functionality that give you more time on the water!” said Joan Maxwell, president and co-founder of Regulator Marine. “Our new power options allow us to expand on responsiveness and integration at the helm, which is looking very sleek with its new design this year. And our engineering team once again found a way to pack our boats with new features, while never sacrificing the consistency of our ride.”

For information on the 2021 Model Year, fans can contact their local dealer and follow @regulatormarine for up-to-the-minute news on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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