Round-up: Spivey and Monsoons

Leroy Spivey

A round-up of all things from both sides of the Sound…

First, here is this kind note from Jackie Morris of Virginia Beach.

“Wonderful to see that the paper’s coverage is growing. I have been a reader since I was a child and am 83 years old.

“I was born in Tyner (Cannons Ferry) and have been a subscriber all my adult life, no matter where life has taken me. Edwin Bufflap (I think that he was the publisher of the paper) and many other names I remember growing up, Ballards Bridge was my Church, Chowan High School was my School, Mrs. Burch my third grade teacher, so many memories. Many of them have been captured by the paper.

“Keep the presses rolling for all of us.”

Thanks Jackie!

Former Tyrrell County Commissioner, now retired, Leroy Spivey dropped by the office the other day. Sadly, I was not there to greet him because I had bus stop duty – waiting for our son at the corner of Court and East Queen Street.

However, my lovely wife greeted Spivey, spoke to him and thanked him for his visit. People like Tyrrell County Manager/Attorney David Clegg and former Chowan County Commissioner John Mitchener speak very highly of Spivey.

On that note, we ran a photo the other week of Josh Spivey winning some prestigious Jaycee awards for leadership. My mistake was thinking Josh was kin to the Spivey clan of Tyrrell County, but in fact he is a Chowan County boy. I got my Spiveys mixed up.

On that note, there are a few family names that are very common in these parts, perhaps on either side of the Sound. I don’t want to leave out any family names, but these are the ones who come to mind early this morning: Wood, Bunch, Nixon, Evans, Goodwin and Layton.

In other news, our family returned to “inside” church on Sunday at St. Paul’s Episcopal. We’ve attended “outside” church on occasion, most notably the confirmation of our daughter Samantha during the summer.

During the past year, our church like many others has had to adapt to COVID realities.

I’m tired of living like I’m on house arrest, so as a small gesture of rebellion, my daughter and I decided to attend “inside” church in person. Being back inside the church brought back a lot of memories.

Been rainy these past few weeks. That’s common. Sorry, but it rains more than a bit in during this time frame and into March, maybe even April – has been this way for years. Same thing with late fall most years.

When it gets to being rainy during the early part of the year, I call it monsoon season.

If we get a little sunlight for an extended stay, there may be an early bloom – meaning spring is close at hand despite what some groundhog may have forecast.

If you have news tips or story ideas about happenings on either side of the Sound, please send them my way to

Per Rhonda Bass, Rocky Hock Baptist Church is hosting a blood drive March 16 from 2-7 p.m. You can be a part of the humanitarian mission of the American Red Cross by donating blood. For patients in the emergency room, those fighting cancer, COVID-19, or facing a life threatening illness, help can’t wait. Healthy donors are needed now to ensure that patients have lifesaving blood products available for emergency and everyday medical treatments.

The Red Cross is testing all blood donations for COVID-19 antibodies. As part of this effort, plasma from standard blood donations that test positive for COVID-19 antibodies may now help current coronavirus patients in need of convalescent plasma transfusions. If you have fully recovered from COVID-19, we urge you to donate blood. All donors can check back on the Red Cross website in one to two weeks post donation to see if they have tested positive for the antibodies.

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In other news, Vidant Bertie, Vidant Chowan, and Vidant Roanoke-Chowan are thrilled to announce their first ever VIRTUAL Heart Health 5K. From the dates of February 17th through February 24th, we welcome you to keep track of your mileage and run or walk anytime during that week to complete 3.1 miles.

Children can participate as well! For youth ages 11 years and younger, they can participate in the 5K, or participate in the activities listed on our kids heart health flyer. Check out the flier for details and how your child can qualify for a chance to win a kids Fitbit!

Once completed, you can be entered for a drawing of prizes. Feel free to take pictures of your participation and send to the hospital’s Facebook page for extra entries in the drawing. Call (252) 482-6242 or email with name, age, and contact information for those who have completed their “race”. Tune in to our Virtual Heart Health Presentation on Thursday, February 25th, at 6:00pm at to find out if YOU could be one of the lucky winners!

Charles Lacefield, who was a former Executive Vice President at Dow Corning and President of Hertford Rotary Club, has been returned to his home for hospice care. Please keep Charlie, Ruth and their family in our thoughts and prayers. Charles was president for the Rotary year 2011-2012 and served several other positions, notably Chairman of the HRC Foundation.

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