Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I mean, not that much badness has happened this year.

I want a PC for Christmas and a Nintendo Switch. I also want a twenty dollar gift card. I want a PC because I was inspired by the best players in the world. I want a Nintendo Switch to have more games so I can have fun. I want a twenty dollar gift card to Outback Steakhouse.

From, Ezra

Dear Santa,

My name is Zayveon. I hope you have a good nap before you give presents to everyone. I’m in 4th grade and I’m in Mrs. Byrum’s Class at DF Walker.

So, all I really want for Christmas is air pods, phone, shoes, a scooter that can turn into a bike, chain, and that’s it. I hope you have a safe trip here.

Dear Santa,

My name is Samuel and I’m in fourth grade. I have some bad grades, but I mostly have good grades.

I am a good student and I learned my lesson not to have any more attitude.

I would like an art set, a bean bag chair, and a mini chalk board. That’s what I would like for Christmas.

I think I deserve these three things for Christmas because I am hard working and I listen very well.

I hope you have a safe flight to everybody’s house.

From, Samuel Mansfield

Dear Santa,

I want an IPod Touch, a sparkle case that the sparkles move in, a unicorn or Puppy Popsocket, some Roblox gift cards, and also maybe some gifts cards, too. Some binders and a sketch book, some Uggs, a cork board for my room, some clothes, and earrings, too. Some books will be good.

Love, Parker

Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing well. My name is Eillie. I’m in the fourth grade. I am ten years old.

I hope you are ok and trying your best to make Christmas well. I love you Santa.

I want a Smart Sketcher for Christmas. The reason I should get a SmartSketcher is because I take out the trash a lot. I also would like a Chromebook. The reason I should get a Chromebook is because I keep my room clean. I want clothes. The reason I should get clothes is because I do very good in school.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Love, Ellie

Dear Santa,

I am so happy you are coming! I was supposed to get A’s and B’s, but I did not get it. I was sad, but when I thought about it, then I said “It’s almost Christmas!” Oh, I’m sorry I did not introduce myself. My name is Makayla. I am in fourth grade in Mrs. Byrum’s Class. She is so nice. I think she should get a little more presents than these kids please, but not too much because if you give her more, we won’t have anymore presents to have at all.

Santa, I would like to have 3 or more presents, but my top 3 is nails, LOL surprise, and a phone.

Love, Makayla

Christmas Story by Samuel Mansfield

“The Live Snowman”

A long time ago, I built a snowman and the next morning when I woke up, I saw the snowman move. So, I went outside to see if it was true and it was true. So, I got on its back it took me to the place I wanted to go when I was just a baby. So, we went inside and watched my favorite show. After we got done with that, we went to Roses and got us both scarves. Next, we went to the park and we played on the swings. Then, we left to get ice cream and my friend the snowman got vanilla. I got vanilla, too. So, after that, we went home to rest and worse, when I woke up, my bed was all wet. Then I remembered that my friend, the snowman slept beside me. So, I went to my mom and told her what happened and she sat me down and she said it was not real — it was a dream. Then I realized that snowmen cannot move!

Christmas Story by Bryson Forward

“Pikachu’s Christmas”

One Christmas day, two wild Pikachus were running around a tree. One charmander came and made a fire.

A snorlax came and everyone slept on his fur.

As you can see, Christmas is not about gifts. It’s about helping each other. Christmas is the time to evolve — Pikachu evolved into a Richu; Charmander evolved into Charmillion, and nothing for Snorlax (he’s stage 2), so he can’t.

Christmas Story by Demetri Jackson-White

“Sad Snow Day”

Once upon a time, it was a very snowy day. I put on my favorite blue gloves, favorite red boots, favorite green coat, favorite purple jeans, and favorite black hat for my favorite day because it was my birthday! I went outside and I jumped in the snow! My pet dog was on the leash and I took him off. I hid under the snow and he jumped on me. I made a snowman. Then, I went to go eat cake but first I made a wish. I said, “God, please give me the best birthday.” I went back outside and did not see my snowman. MY dog, Rocky did not do it because he’s still eating cake. But, then I felt a cold, fluffy hand on my shoulder. I screamed, “AHHHH!” My snowman came to life, but I realized this was all God — He wanted me to have a good 6th birthday. I said to the snowman, “What’s your name?” He said “Dominic” in a joyful voice. My best friend’s name was Dominic. So, we went to my best friends Dominic’s house. When he opened the door and saw the snowman Dominic, his mouth fell open. He said, “OMG” in a high pitched voice. I said, “Snow-Dominic, this is Kid-Dominic.”I gave them nicknames: Snow-Dominic’s nickname was SD and Kid-Dominic’s nickname was KD.

KD said “Come in, Demetri”. Then, SD started walking in, too. KD screamed, “STOP! If you come in here, you melt and die!” SD said “Come on, we can’t be late.” As soon as we got out of the house, I said, “Late for what?” SD said “To go to the North Pole!” Me and KD laughed so hard that we started crying. SD said, “What’s so funny?” He said, “Is my carrot nose backwards or something?” So, then all of us went to the airport and went to the North Pole. On the plane, all the passengers gasped. When we got to our destination, we saw reindeer. We were not exactly at the North Pole — it would be 3 hours if we walked, but an hour and 30 minutes if we drove and the only choice was to walk because we were in the middle of nowhere. This whole time, my dog Rocky was following us. I don’t know how he got here, but I was shocked — that dog must have had like seven energy drinks!

So, we started walking and suddenly I see reindeer hooked to a sleigh. Next thing you know I see Santa! He really needed a helper so I went up to him and said, “Hi”. Santa gasped. He said, “What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be waiting for Christmas?” I said, “There’s no point when you have a live snowman.” I showed him SD. I said, “I heard you needed a helper. Well, here’s my dog — his name is Rocky — he followed us here while we were on the plane.” Santa said, “Fine, but first he needs to do training.”

The first training Rocky had to do was beat the record of making gifts in one hour, which is 165 but Rocky got 397. Santa was so surprised. He said that Rocky did not have to train more and he was a natural, but to make a long story short, I’m just going to tell you a little about how I felt there. I got homesick and when Santa got mail (How did Santa get mail, Right?) He gave the mail to me and said six year old Demetri is missing. I hurried and ran back home. It only took an hour. I said, “Hi Mom, Hi Dad!” They screamed, “Yay!” They were so happy! I ate dinner, brushed my teeth, put on my pj’s and went to bed!

Dear Santa,

This year has been a good year. Santa, I have been getting good grades so far. I deserve to get what I want for Christmas this year! Even though I have been talking back to my aunt, I still deserve to get what I want! Have you and Mrs. Clause had a good year too?

I want an Iphone 11, Airpods, and an Apple Watch for Christmas this year.

I hope you stop in Florida and give some gifts to my little cousin and the rest of my family. I hope that I get the gifts I want for Christmas !

Merry Christmas!

From, Khalea Bell

Christmas story by Evan Williams

“Evan’s Christmas”

My favorite part about Christmas is spending time with family and friends and that’s the best part!

My second is toys and food because we play, sing, open presents, and eat and eat! We play board games and we give hugs and kisses, and leave.

When we get home, we play with our new toys that we got. I get my dog a present every year. This year, he’s getting a tennis ball gun.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is LOL surprises, a laptop, a book, a new phone, some candy, a trampoline, and sunglasses.

Love, Ashley

Dear Santa,

This year I’m happy! My sis — she asked for a lot of things and me, too! Well, she has less than me….I asked for a bike, basketball goal, and a gift card to Playstation, and a punching bag, I wish for you to have a great Christmas!

From: Jayden

Dear Santa,

I’ve been nice at school and at home. I’ve been doing good in school, at AfterSchool Plus, and at home. I’m really good in Social Studies and Science, but I need to work on reading and math.

What I want for Christmas is a new Iphone so I can call my mom to check on her. I also want some Barbie toys so I can play with them and another onesie that I can sleep in at night.

From: Paris

Dear Santa,

My name is Davinity A. Walton and sometimes I lie to my mom and dad, but I’m starting to stop that. My mom says if you stop lying, you get your Christmas back!

This Christmas, I would like a PS4 because I like to play video games on the weekend. I would like airpods because my headphones broke cause my sister threw them in the toilet. Last, I want something for me and my mom — two necklaces that say “Best Mom”.

Love, Davinity

PS — My baby sister loves Paw Patrol and my mom want perfume!

Dear Santa,

Please help with everything — my grades and my Grandma. Please give give me presents.

Have a safe ride and have a good day!

From: Caine

PS — Peace

Christmas Story by Tyrone

“My Christmas Day”

One day in 2018, I woke up and it was snowing! I got ready. I asked my mom, “Can I go outside?” She said, “yes.” I told my friends and brothers it was snowing. They got dressed and went out.

The snow was so deep that it went to my hips. I was so amazed at how much snow was out but not that many people were out. My mom was watching from out back door window. We had a snowball fight. We were divided into teams. I eliminated one of my brothers. My team was so close to winning, but we lost. I was sad. We started to head inside — what a beautiful day! I went to sleep waiting for Christmas!

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas — Hold on, Hold on! I’m not supposed to be talking about that yet! I’m supposed to be talking about my behavior, so ehh……. I have been being kinda naughty and nice. At least I was being honest. Please stop by my house — please, please! Thank you!

So, the first thing I want for Christmas is a PS4 (Playstation 4) because my brother has a PS4 and he is always up there and if I ask him to play, he always says, “No, go play with your things.” Even when he’s not playing with it, he still says no. So, that’s why I want my own PS4 and I’m not letting him see it!

Now, the second thing I want is an Iphone XR because my other phone is kinda messed up. So, that’s why I want another phone. With this new phone I want are some airpods that are wireless headphones. That’s the second thing I want for Christmas.

The third thing I want is a Macbook Pro because then I can do schoolwork on it and play games. That’s the third thing I want for Christmas!

From: Ka’Riah