Most probably don’t think of therapeutic massage and bodywork helping with grief from loss. It can be difficult to function when one is overwhelmed with grief. Even if surrounded by loved ones, the loss can be felt very deeply.

On a lighter scale, the simple act of touch helps a lot. Even a basic Swedish style massage would ease some of the sadness felt whether it’s from grief or not.

Delving deeper into emotions and the recovery of overwhelmingly strong felt emotions can take a toll such as with grief.

Recovery back to happiness and everyday usual stresses is possible. The time period for this depends solely on the individual. Each of us is unique in our emotions and how we deal with them.

Polarity Therapy is a good style of therapeutic bodywork to assist with emotions (grief) and balancing out the over abundance of them (grief). A session involves the client lying fully clothed upon a massage table with low lighting, soft music and the practitioner using different levels of touch to achieve balance and calm needed for the client. And it may be that a few consistent sessions would be in order.

This is a non-invasive style of bodywork and easily done by a studied Polarity Practitioner.

It’s always good to feel our emotions (grief) but, then letting go of them is also equally important.

When we deal with emotions, there are three things we can do with them: a. suppress them b. express them or c. let go of them. Suppressing them could lead to health issues (headaches, ulcers,..), expressing them isn’t always ideal as those around who may be targets (anger, hostility,..), but, feeling them, noticing them, then letting go of them is healthy, for all.

There is a technique in Polarity that can be used to ‘let go’ of emotions on our own. There are three questions we can ask ourselves when the emotion is strongly felt: 1. Could you let go of this emotion? (capable) 2. Would you let go of this emotion? (will) 3. When would you let go of this emotion? (how) Done periodically, this can help with not holding onto them.

Emotions (grief) that we hold on to become like excess fat cells we carry around. As time goes on, we can become heavier, and heavier as all those emotions (fat cells) are held onto.