Athletic accomplishment signs

The proposed athletic sign being considered by Edenton Town Council include state championship teams from the old D.F. Walker High School and John A. Holmes High School.

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Resolution supports new high school project

{child_byline}By Nicole Bowman-Layton



Edenton Town Council voted unanimously Monday to support the new John A. Holmes High School project during its special meeting and committee meetings in council chambers, 504 S. Broad S., Edenton.

Town Manager Anne-Marie Knighton said the town appreciates the work Edenton-Chowan Schools and architecture firm LS3P Associates Ltd. has done to solicit community input.

“The three designs they proposed reflect what they heard at the community input sessions,” she said. “We’re pleased that they relocated the tennis courts, Rev. Griffin playground and Scout hut in the same area near the softball field. ... The high school is a community campus. We think this plan is going to create more access and easier access to activities.

“The town has been working hard to revitalize North Oakum Street and the area of north Edenton,” Knighton continued. “We think the community will benefit from this plan.”

The resolution notes that Edenton Town Council “instills its trust in the Board of Education to select the design that will be put forward that we will all be proud of and will be representative of our community.”

According to school Superintendent Michael Sasscer, Edenton-Chowan Schools Board of Education will vote on the design at its March meeting.

During the Administrative Committee portion of Monday’s meeting, Councilor Hackney High proposed that town approve signs celebrating the accomplishments of local sports teams that have won state championships. Knighton said the signs were put before the board because it can approve “signs determined by the Town Council to be of local historical significance.”

Proposed by the John A. Holmes High School athletic department, the four signs will be placed at entrances to the town. The sites still have not been determined as of the meeting, Knighton said.

They denoted the state championship wins of D.F. Walker High School football team, and John A. Holmes’ football, baseball and track teams. There is space to add more teams in the future.

“We think these will instill a sense of community pride,” Knighton said.

Tourism Development Authority director Nancy Nicholls said she didn’t think the signs would interfere with the ones her agency has at several town entrances.

“I think they’re wonderful,” she said of the proposed signs.

High noted that Regulator Marine is paying for the signs.

“I know the John A. Holmes and D.F. Walker alumni are proud and appreciative of these recognition signs,” he said.

Town council will vote on approving the signs at its March 9 meeting. High said Holmes’ Athletic Director Wes Mattera is expected to join the meeting via Zoom to discuss the signs and answer council’s questions.



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