Musician Justin Holland has released a new video that features Taylor Theater.

“I’ve been wanting to shoot at the Taylor for a while but because of the pandemic it was available to shoot in and Ryan and Belinda Respass were really helpful in making it happen,” he said.

To view Holland’s latest amazing video “Loving You or Letting You Go” search for Justin Holland on YouTube or click:

Give Holland a hand, maybe a standing ovation, because his videos have helped put Edenton on the map. Last year, Holland sang in that video “Right About You” that was made downtown – the one where he’s playing guitar on the porch at the Barker House and making his way through town including the scenes filmed at Edenton Bay Trading Company. Pretty girl too.

That video ended up with more than 45,000 views on Facebook, a reach of over 80,000 people and even led to the song getting played on a few radio stations. A second video, “Table for Two” did pretty well too. Need a muscle car like that.

“For those following along with the last two videos what started out with ‘Right About You’ being filmed in Edenton turned into a bit of a story that we turned into a sequel with “Table for Two” and then with this final video ‘Loving You or Letting You Go’ we again made a part 3, if you will, to finish out a series,” Holland said. “It had to be Edenton in my mind.”

All good videos or movies come in threes – Godfather, Star Wars (New Hope, Empire and Jedi) and Batman (the good ones with Christoper Nolan). Same is true with Holland’s third video to top off this series of musical features.

“In ‘Right about you’ a guy talks about meeting a future love and in ‘Table for Two’ we had Schyler Galasso as the female lead again and made it a bit of a continuation of the two having a dinner in Watermans restaurant,” Holland said. “With this next single ‘Loving You or Letting You Go’ things couldn’t have fallen into place any better.”

Holland, who grew up in Edenton, applied his creative vision to this video; hometown appeal that our small does best.

“I had a vision all along with this song having a baby grand piano catching on fire but needed a great place to film,” Holland said. “I called Stephanie Waff with Waff Construction and asked about a location and she responded immediately with having the perfect location and she did! A good friend of mine Richard Simmons donated a baby grand piano that was in need of restoration so it made it perfect for the scene.”

Holland said he gutted the 400 lb. harp and rigged a fire machine inside and took it to a remote location on the Chowan River where two old draw bridges are located. Check this story out – maybe include this nugget in the album’s liner notes. Holland is not the only person to lose a cellphone in local waterways. And a singed eyebrow was another casualty.

“I ended up losing my cell phone climbing under the bridge that night running cables and singed one of my eyelashes off that night,” he said.

With or without cellphones, God works in mysterious ways.

“The music for the track was done out in Nashville and the video by Grant Hart again but I had contacted Jeremy Groves about shooting some photos of the piano on fire. When I lost my phone that night I had no way to touch bases with Jeremy,” Holland said. “Luckily though he knew the area and showed up right on time and the shots he did were insane!”

Now for the rest of the story, as radio broadcaster Paul Harvey might say.

“As for the story on this song, the ending leaves it open or hanging,” Holland said. “Grant and myself went back and fourth for a while but in the end we cane up with idea of having Schyler wonder into a bit of a chilling empty theater and as I acted out the story she sees everything happening from inside the Taylor theater.”

The twist in the plot makes it mark memorable.

“So it’s a little bit of a twist, but as she’s watching me act out being lonely, I end up leaving a house and driving down to the theater she’s in. She’s sees this unfolding as she’s there. Not only was the Taylor Theater cool enough to let us use it but this past weekend and through the week they have been premiering the video before the movies,” Holland said as he praised Taylor Theater and the support received from his hometown.

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