Round-up: Holley and alligators

Superintendent Oliver Holley

A round-up of all things from both sides of the Sound…

Formerly an administrator at Perquimans County Schools, the Northeast Regional Educational Service Alliance (NERESA) has elected Tyrrell County Schools Superintendent, Oliver A. Holley, to serve as Chairman. The NERESA consists of 17 regional school districts, including Tyrrell, Washington, Edenton-Chowan, Elizabeth City-Pasquotank, Camden, Currituck, Dare, Perquimans and Hyde counties.

“I look forward to continuing the work of our region. We must ensure that we continue to provide our students, staff and stakeholders with the best educational opportunities. It is truly humbling and an honor to have the support of our regional superintendents,” Holley said. “I would like to thank the Tyrrell County Schools Board of Education for your continued support and dedication to this work, and the work of the district”, Holley reiterated. “I appreciate and value the relationships and care the Board has for me and the students, employees and community as their leadership continues to be influential throughout our district, region and state.”

Parishioners at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Edenton no longer have to register in advance to attend church; covid precautions. That’s great news! I live one day at a time, so I never know where I might be Sunday morning, be it the Outer Banks or deep in Hyde County.

On that note, after hearing of big alligator being spotted in Tyrrell County, I need to be more careful. From what I hear, the creature was too big to be scared away by a kayak paddle to the head.

The Columbia Lions Club will host a yard sale at the corner of Bridge and Broad Streets, 207 Broad Street, Saturday, May 15. The yard sale will begin at 8:AM and run until noon.

Sale items will include household items, clothing and a variety of items donated by club members. Also for sale will be some new merchandise donated by a store that recently went out of business. Included will be clothing, seasonal and gift items.

All items will be priced to sell. Proceeds from the yard sale will be used for Lions Club projects that focus on services to the blind and visually impaired.

The Columbia Lions Club meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at Columbia Crossing Restaurant, 6:PM. For information call 252-202-2330.

Former Perquimans Weekly editor Peter Williams’ memorial service was held Tuesday in Elizabeth City attended by friends and family. RIP Peter.

Hyde County Schools have selected their Teachers of the Year, and what a year this has been!

Mattamuskeet Elementary School: Callie Luker – Exceptional Children Teacher

Mattamuskeet Early College High School: Patricia Scripture – Exceptional Children Teacher

Ocracoke School: Flavia Burton – English as a Second Language Teacher

Congratulations! You have surely earned this honor!

The Swan Quarter VFD will hold a benefit lunch for the Bud & Arleen Harris Family on Wednesday, June 2, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the station, 25 Oyster Creek Road. Grilled BBQ chicken, buttered potatoes, green beans, dessert, and ice tea. $8 per plate, limited seating inside the dining room or take out.

Please wear your masks and social distance while you are in the building. For multiple take-out plates, call 252-542-0901 in advance to help speed up pickup. Additional donations to help the Harris Family are encouraged. A separate benefit raffle for the family is currently underway with the drawing to take place at 2:30 on June 2 at the station.

Long lines have been reported at area gas pumps. Thank the Russians for hacking into the Colonial Pipeline system – less than a year after the SolarWinds hack. Long sigh. When we as a nation going to wake up!?

Alpharetta Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline delivers millions gallons of gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil, aviation and military fuels each day, according to the company. About 45% of all fuel consumed on the East Coast arrives via the pipeline system.

Long ago, I worked on Colonial pipelines in Greensboro, a junction point in Colonial’s 5,519-mile pipeline system, where a spur runs off the main trunk to deliver fuel products to terminals in Raleigh-Durham, Apex, Selma and Fayetteville.

Pipeline work is not easy…

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