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Our little dog, Max, is 14 and no longer hears well enough to awake from his solitary slumber when someone walks into the house. I can, in fact, make several trips past his perch on the back of his favorite chair before his sniffer finally reveals my presence.

One-on-One with D.G. Martin

In a colorful full-page ad in North Carolina newspapers last week, Smithfield Foods touted its commitment to the environment.

When I say making your mark, I am not talking about making your mark in history or being remembered for your contribution to society. I am talking about punctuation marks in your writing or sign making. It’s always been an issue; but, it has become more noticeable with the growth of social media.

Food for Thought with John Foley

After 24 wonderful years in Coastal California, and another three of smoke filled skies that transformed morning blue to afternoon grey, my wife, Karen, who has tolerated my antics for over 27 years said it was time to go. I agreed.

Policy murders are killing us,” shared the Rev. William Barber in a National Memorial Service on June 18. This event is part of the work of the “Poor People’s Campaign.”

Public service is often reviled, thankless and exhausting. As public sentiment toward government is increasingly skeptical and dependent, public servants face more hostility but also growing expectations. The modern, cradle-to-grave blueprint turns society to government for more and more and…

Among those who pledge to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, how many are needed to stabilize and keep our Democracy? Is it 60? Is it five good people willing to come forward and tell truth to power for a cause greater than their own ambitions?

I recently read of an old Malayan Proverb that goes, “One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind.” It has been rattling around in my brain since; and, I can’t seem to get rid of it.

I have been slowly turning my house from something out of Good Housekeeping to something out of Field and Stream. Now alone, I have been trying to make it a little more masculine. I thought I was almost there with one room to go. The bad news is that it was the kitchen.