Liberals' clean energy deception

Liberals’ clean energy deception

Patrick Flynn

Major players in the NC Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Energy Plan (CEP) are liberal.

Even worse is their deception and delusional thinking while they feel good and rosy about free money-saving ideas, along with an armchair quarterback outlook that overlooks tens of thousands of migrating birds being killed!

In their mind, closet environmentalists leave us with a CEP bill of goods that doesn’t cost consumers anything and ignores any negative consequences.

The CEP proposes to facilitate a more modern and resilient electric grid based on Governor Roy Cooper‘s Executive Order 80 (EO-80). I addressed the shortcomings in a 4-2-2020 editorial.

The CEP needs reconsideration because of green energy’s misleading assumptions. A primary concern is extravagant utility rate increases needed to support wind and solar projects attaching themselves to the grid.

As I’ve already stated, infrastructure and transmission lines to accommodate planned expansion have already caused rate increases for Dominion Energy NC customers.

Looking at the many organizations involved in the CEP, the website for the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) views “the ability to cost-effectively integrate variable renewable energy resources into the grid” as important, along with “strategies that provide fair compensation for customer resources that provide value to the grid and ensure that all customers benefit from lower costs, increased reliability, and environmental improvement”. Focus on “customers”, which really means green energy providers.

RAP shouts out a high and mighty bugle until development numbers are plugged into the green energy reality ($1.84 billion from Dominion Energy as one utility power provider example).

Their words sound like the environment and consumers will be saving lots of “cost-effective” money using green energy, but that reality is completely opposite.

From their 2019 Annual Report the Rocky Mountain Institute’s “electricity program is convincing more and more utilities that coal is a risky bet, and renewable energy is better for their bottom line.”

Unfortunately, green energy always has to be backed up with consistent power generation from coal, gas or nuclear sources. Liberal environmentalists must sleep and dream wearing rose-colored glasses.

Duke University’s website says the Duke Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions’ “program staff are working with a number of stakeholders, including stakeholders in the PJM Interconnection—one of several regional transmission organizations that coordinate the movement of wholesale electricity—to sort through rapid change in the electricity sector driven by factors like historically low natural gas prices, dramatic reductions in the cost of renewable energy, and new evolving environmental regulations.”

“Wholesale” green energy means added costs to current utility customer rates. Wholesale costs are what large scale electricity “customers” pay for energy generated by a utility company.

Wholesale may also refer to the rate utility providers pay out to solar and/or wind energy providers for their generated energy.

Over time, “dramatic reductions in the cost of renewable energy” still represents billions of dollars in incremental rate increases that NC electricity utility customers will finance.

North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center’s website at NC State University says, “the Center has grown into a state agency respected for its assistance to the burgeoning ‘clean tech’ sector in North Carolina, as well as one of the premier clean energy centers of knowledge in the United States… relating to the development and adoption of clean energy technologies.

Through its programs and activities, we envision and seek to promote the development and use of clean energy in ways that stimulate a sustainable economy while reducing dependence on foreign sources of energy, and mitigating the environmental impacts of fossil fuel use.”

“Sustainable” is always free, without strings to the liberal environmentalist mind! The CEP is biased.

Patrick Flynn is a business owner and Chowan County resident.