Brandice Hoggard

“Mama I love you is,” probably the sweetest words I have ever heard.

Never in a million years did I think I could love a human being as much as I love my little boy. The random hugs, kisses, cuddles and the “I love you’s,” are by far the best things ever.

These are the days I would not trade for the world. Spending my afternoons with him mainly consist of watching him ride his four wheeler, playing in the dirt with his trucks, swinging or sliding down his slide. Some days we even go to the dog pen and play with the dogs.

I love hearing the “Mama I want to rock, rock” every night for him to go to sleep. The constant questions of what’s that, what’s this, whose that, where somebody is. Every morning he always asks, “Mama where’s Daddy,” from there we go down the list of him asking me where everybody is. Those questions are often asked more than once a day.

Watching them - Nick and Gavin - with the love that they have for the same things together and watching him raise this little boy of ours, makes my heart explode a thousand times over every time. Most of the time where you see one you will definitely find the other. Whether or not it’s down a muddy path looking for dogs, at the dog pen feeding up, outside working on something or just sitting back relaxing in the house.

I definitely would not want to be spending this life raising our little boy with anybody else that’s for sure.

There is certainly never a dull or quiet moment around here until it’s bedtime most days. I never imagined what it would be like being a mom to such a sweet little boy, but man do I love it.

However, trust me there are the days for which nobody prepared me. Especially the night Nick yelled from the bathroom for me to come to the rescue because Gavin had pooped in the bath tub while taking a bath. At this point all I could do was laugh, then proceed to clean it up as any mother would.

It only gets better at this point though, because nobody told me that when a little boy has to urinate and is potty trained he will just pull his pants down and do so anywhere, even if it is in front of an entire crowd of people in the bleachers at the ball park. Heck, it may even be in the waiting area outside at Deadwood while you’re waiting to be seated.

That’s life with a little boy though right? That’s what it’s all about?

With little boys come the trucks, tractors, dirt, mud and more. With all of that just comes with more things to love.

I know that these days only last a short amount of time; kids they grow up fast. They always told me “don’t blink” because before you know it they will be grown and not want mama anymore. I am not ready for those days that’s for sure. So my plans are to cherish every moment now that I possibly can.

Brandice Hoggard is a staff writer for the Chowan Herald and Perquimans Weekly. She can be reached via email at

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