To the Editor:

I surely hope that I represent the citizens of Edenton and Chowan County when I say how very much I appreciate our Law Enforcement individuals. I do not take for granted their efforts to keep our beautiful part of the world safe and secure. They go to work each day not knowing what to expect, but knowing that they have sworn to do their best to uphold the law while being a comforting and assuring presence to our neighbors and friends.

That brings me to an important point... neighbors. In case some readers are not aware, Edenton is divided into twelve Police Zones. Within these Zones are folks living and working and worshipping, children playing and going to school.

Each Zone is assigned two officers whose job it is (among many others), to occasionally get together with the folks who live and work in his or her respective Zone. They invite us to a specific place within our Zone to hear our perspective or to give us updates or advice that might be helpful regarding our safety, or simply to offer an opportunity for us to meet them face to face in a friendly and informative setting.

And that brings me to another question. Why is it that most of us do not take the officers up on their invitation to gather? Wouldn’t it be helpful to go to our Zone meetings where we may be able to unify and collaborate on efforts to make our city an even more safe and inviting place to live?

We may even meet a neighbor that we don’t know at the same time that we are offering support to these fine Law Enforcement officers who deserve our appreciation.

Hopefully we won’t need them, but what if we do? Wouldn’t it be a relief to see a familiar face whom we have taken the time to get to know?

And by the way, some of us meet monthly rotating locations by Police Zone. We pray for unity, peace and restoration in our community. The next gathering is Monday, Nov. 8 at 5 p.m. at Access Point Church located at 518 Coke Avenue, which is in Police Zone 11. The gathering will be noted on the Police Department Facebook page as well as in the Chowan Herald in the “Out and About” column.

We will meet outside unless it is raining… and it will not take much of your time…

Missie Harrell


Thadd White is Group Editor of the Bertie Ledger-Advance, Chowan Herald, Perquimans Weekly, The Enterprise & Eastern North Carolina Living. He can be reached via email at