Editor’s Note: The following Facebook comments were made regarding the Chowan County Commissioners’ vote Monday night to reject considering the 2020 bond referendum for the high school replacement project.

“2 of our 4 schools are embarrassingly shabby and our Rec department facilities are nothing short of shameful- even compared to the counties that surround us. I understand that our current representatives are mostly “removed” from having children growing up here, so it’s natural to feel less passionate when it’s not personal. That said, it’s time for those of us who have chosen to raise families here to feel valued. It’s no secret or novel idea that our children are our future. Let’s remember this when it’s time to vote, and seek some representatives that will speak up for our youth. It’s hard to be willing to serve when you’re busy with small children, but without a voice, nothing will change. I won’t downplay the importance of our areas history, but if we can’t keep moving forward, improving life for younger people, history is all we will have. It is so past time for a focus on youth in Chowan County!”

— Mary Scott Haigler

“Unless there is strong rationale and good faith of pursuing the plan of school improvements, there needs to be discussion of impeachment for failure to do their job. If the members of the county commissioners are unable to do the things necessary to figure out how to improve the school, then they need to find someone who will and given them the authority and budget to get it done.”

— Bryan Bunn

“Your town or county is only as good as your schools. Why would someone want to move here if it carries the burden of being know as a place with bad schools? Even if you don’t have children in the school system what does that say about how you feel about our biggest treasure, the children and teachers? Even if you have no problem hurting them think about what that does to your real estate values.”

— Anita Leotta

“Chowan County Commissioners: refusing to listen to your constituents and invest in the children of Chowan county is refusing to do the job you were elected to do. #chowanchildrenmatter #voteforchowaneducation “

— Alicia Cassidy-Quate

“Disappointing, yet not surprising. That’s the sad part. We have come to expect this over and over and over.”

— B.B. Perry Halstead

“UNBELIEVABLE that the Chowan County Board of Commissioners would vote NO to “consider even DISCUSSING the resolution” presented by Dr. Jackson tonight at the meeting. I mean - they wouldn’t even open the thought of discussing putting the Bond Referendum on the November 2020 ballot after Dr. Jackson made his intriguing presentation which gave MUCH to discuss and talk about. Many new facts and statistics to consider.

“Unless the public wants to wait another 2-4 years before even entertaining a bond referendum when we KNOW interest rates will be higher than they are now, you need to get on the phone, email, and put the pressure on the County Commissioners to have a special meeting or add it to their June meeting. Time is of the essence. Do you want our students to continue at JAHHS like it is for the next ... years? Let your voice be heard! Don’t just complain and be upset, but put the pressure on them to act on this!!! The choice is YOURS!! Our children and community deserve this bond to be on the November 2020 ballot!!”

-- Rae Burroughs Knox

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