Enablers of the Terrorist Attack on Capitol

I am writing this 2 days after the  terrorist attack on our elected representatives who were meeting to certify the election of Joe Biden as President Elect Of The United States. The attack desecrated our Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

As you know leaders of both political parties are condemning Donald Trump as the instigator of these horrible actions.

Trump was not alone in sowing the seeds of dissent through out our country after the results of the Nov 3 election were certified in State after State and summarily rejected by the loser.

Our representative in Washington objected to the Electoral College vote on the day of this insurrection and spoke to this newspaper reiterating his beliefs that the vote was wrong and his candidate should be declared the winner.

This after over 65 judges, some appointed by Trump, across this country denied the efforts of Trump and his enablers, including the Supreme Court which as you know has a majority of right leaning judges, all declared that the vote of the Electoral College was legal, and not fraudulent.

Weeks ago in this paper our State Senator called the vote a fraud and his logic was even more outlandish than that brought to the courts and rejected.

Should these two men be held responsible along with Trump for the carnage, the destruction, the sedition and the terrorist acts of Jan. 6th in Washington, DC.?

Is it time to reject the lies and the liars, is it time to not only reject Donald Trump and what he stands for but to reject his enablers as well?

Cy Rich


Staff writer Miles Layton can be reached at mlayton@ncweeklies.com