According to Lou Dobbs, that Judas, Brutus and Benedict Arnold hand-biter Mitt Romney's vote for impeachment of the president puts him in league with the most infamous American traitors of all time.

I'm in total agreement with the Dobbs assessment.

Romney, who once called the president a fraud and phony, has shown himself to be a dirty little coward that shot Mr. Howard in the back type of phony himself.

The president has been Romney's biggest benefactor for years and heaped much praise on this backstabbing lying rat, but it doesn't seem to bother the sicko Dems.

They've gathered this sick puppy to their breasts making him the darling of the socialist Democrat party. And get this – Romney says God made him do it!

I ran a thorough search on American traitors from the past and was amazed at the hundreds before and after Benedict Arnold.

People reading these lines quiet possibly have ancestors who spied for the British during the War for Independence. The Civil War had everybody at each other's throats.

WW1 had it's Mata Hari & WW2 produced Mildred Gillars a.k.a Axis Sally, Iva Togura a.k.a. Tokyo Rose and many more.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for spying on the Manhattan project. CIA agent Aldrich Ames, the Walker family and others were Soviet spies while another CIA agent, John Brennan admitted he was a communist sympathizer and many believed him to be a spy as well.

Most people reading these lines have no idea that America, the last bastion of hope and freedom to the world, is at the tipping point as you read these lines and could be gone before this decade is out.

If they can't have it, the Socialist Democrat party and the left wing media will destroy this country when Donald Trump is re-elected.

Except for another Trump related miracle from God, there will be blood in the streets.

Calvin Lacy


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