Brad Hurdle, a partner and pharmacy manager at Todd’s Pharmacy of Gates County, is also a motivational speaker and business seminar presenter.

Brad Hurdle hopes that by reflecting on his own life experiences, he can help others find their own path to personal growth.

Hurdle has been the partner and pharmacy manager at Todd’s Pharmacy of Gates County for 15 years.

“I have learned a great deal over the years,” said Hurdle about managing a successful business.

Hurdle is now utilizing his skills in business management to provide tips to others about embracing personal development and growth. On Wednesday, he led a seminar at College of The Albemarle titled, “Success is an Inside Job: Why YOU are the Best Investment in Your Business.”

Hurdle, who also gives faith-based talks at his church and provides motivational speeches to youth, said he hopes to continue offering seminars to help others. He believes he has a message that connects with his audiences.

“Story is how we connect with each other,” he said. “My personal story is somewhat tragic.”

Hurdle grew up in Perquimans County and started working at Woodard’s Pharmacy when he was 15. He said the pharmacy’s owner, Charles Woodard, inspired him to pursue a career as a pharmacist.

In 1992, after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Hurdle was working as a pharmacist at what was then Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville when he suffered a life-changing event.

One day, about a mile from the hospital, Hurdle and his wife were driving when their car was struck by a drunk driver. Hurdle’s wife did not survive the accident.

Hurdle recalls he was helping dedicate a scholarship in his wife’s memory at the high school she attended when he first decided to share his personal story. After that experience, he began giving talks at high schools, sharing what had happened to him and talking about how to overcome adversity and make good decisions.

“When you go through adversity, you learn to be a better leader,” he said.

Hurdle said he continued to give talks to youth for several years in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

“I found my faith,” said Hurdle. “We are all here to make a difference.”

Years later, Hurdle married again. His wife, Ginger, and their two sons, Noah and Sim live in Elizabeth City.

Today, Hurdle enjoys spending time with his wife and sons. They are active members of Forest Park Church. Hurdle also serves as the adult adviser for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Northeastern High School.

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