Lynnell Godfrey

Lynnell Godfrey is enthusiastic about educating youth about how to live healthy lifestyles.

Godfrey started her new position as an Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program educator at the Pasquotank Center of N.C. Cooperative Extension on March 2.

In her new role, Godfrey said she hopes to “enrich and teach the community” about ways to eat healthier. She will be working directly with youth in Pasquotank, visiting and sharing information with schools, day-care centers, churches and summer programs.

Originally from Elizabeth City, Godfrey grew up active in Cooperative Extension programs.

“I hope to give to my community what it gave to me,” she said.

Godfrey maintains it is integral to a healthy lifestyle for both youth and adults to “consume fruits and vegetables.”

Planning meals with family is also important, she said.

“Pick a date and time” and sit down with your family to plan meals, Godfrey said.

She also has tips on how to go shopping. Tip number one: When going to the grocery store, never go in hungry, she said.

Godfrey says consumers can eat healthy on a budget by reading nutrition labels and purchasing generic products instead of brand-name ones.

One of Godfrey’s favorite recipes is a chicken broccoli quiche. She said a favorite of kids is a mini pizza that can be made adding fruits and vegetables.

For more information on eating healthily, Godfrey recommends people visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture website at https://www.choosemyplate.gov/. The website contains recipe videos, cookbooks and resources for children, students, adults and families.

When she’s not working, Godfrey enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and four grandchildren.

While schools are closed, Godfrey recommends students visit the North Carolina Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program website at https://www.ncefnep.org/. The website contains helpful blogs and recipes for youth, parents and teachers.

For more information about activities at the Pasquotank Center of N.C. Cooperative Extension, visit https://pasquotank.ces.ncsu.edu/.