MOYOCK — Whether it’s a refreshing sweet watermelon or juicy red tomatoes, there is always something to tempt the taste buds at Jamie Pittman’s Moyock Farm Market.

Pittman and her husband, Jonathon, opened the market at 107 Oak Street in Moyock four years ago.

The open-air market is open seven days a week from April 1 until New Year’s Day. Then from Jan. 2 to March 31, it’s only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. When the market is closed, the Pittmans use the honor system for people who still wish to make purchases.

Apparently folks who shop at farmers markets are pretty honest. Pittman said the Moyock Farm Market stayed busy last year during the pandemic, and she believes one of the reasons is that customers knew they could shop at any time to avoid crowds.

Pittman said Moyock Farm Market tries to sell a lot of locally grown produce. The Pittmans also maintain a 2½-acre garden in which they mainly grow fall produce like broccoli, collards, cabbage and kale.

“We try to get anything as local as possible,” said Pittman. “If it is available local, we get it local.”

Locally grown produce and fruit for sale at the market include strawberries, sweet corn, watermelons, cantaloupes, squash and peppers. The market also sells locally made baked goods, candy and honey as well as locally caught seafood.

Pittman said she likes to incorporate squash into her own meal recipes at home. When cooking for herself, Jonathon, and their two children, Jackson and Jaelyn, her favorite meal is shrimp scampi with shrimp she brings home from the market.

Pittman grew up in Virginia Beach and moved to Currituck with her parents when she was a teenager. Currituck has been her home since she was 16, while Jonathon has lived in the county his entire life.

Pittman worked in a bank for 10 years before the couple opened Moyock Farm Market. The business has grown over the past four years — so much so, the Pittmans now employ 23 staff members.

In addition to locally grown produce and other goods, Moyock Farm Market also sells ice cream and freshly squeezed lemonades, orangeades and limeades. An assortment of potted plants and hanging flower baskets are available. Items like T-shirts, hats, mugs, ornaments and canvas totes are also popular with the market’s customers who include both locals and tourists.

Pittman said the best part of owning the market is being able to interact with customers and socialize with people in the community.

For more information, visit the Moyock Farm Market Facebook page.