Jorge Colon 'JC' Nieves

Jorge Colon ‘JC’ Nieves

Jorge Colon “JC” Nieves is a big believer in the power of exercise and nutrition to change a person’s life.

He can point to his own life as a good example.

A U.S. Coast Guardsman originally from Puerto Rico, Nieves was stationed in Alaska when he started gaining weight and suffering from back pain. When his weight finally tipped the scales at 240 pounds, Nieves knew he had to change his life.

Through exercise and nutrition, Nieves changed his lifestyle and lost 85 pounds in 15 months.

Nieves not only felt better, he became interested in helping others feel better, too. Over the next four years, Nieves would become both a nutrition coach and certified online fitness trainer. He also became a specialist in coaching women to improve their nutrition and fitness.

Nieves, 46, is currently stationed at Base Elizabeth City as an avionics electrical technician. When he’s not on duty, he’s helping others overcome their weight struggles through his online fitness program.

Nieves said he works with his clients virtually, through videos, online video conferencing and phone calls. His clients live as close as Elizabeth City and as far away as California. He’s a big believer in the online approach to teaching fitness.

“Gyms are full of people not getting results,” he said.

Nieves said the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is being consistent in your nutritional and exercise habits.

He said his virtual program allows him to customize nutrition and fitness plans for his clients after “learning more about their unique struggles.”

Nieves said his work focuses primarily on women age 40 and older.

“I am in my 40s as well,” said Nieves. “I understand their struggles.”

Potential clients must submit an application through either Nieves’ website or Facebook page. He said he limits his client roster to 20 at a time.

Nieves’ six-months long program features three phases and focuses on everything from sleep strategies, meditation and improving body image to stress management, nutritional resources and customized exercise routines.

When designing exercise routines for clients Nieves concentrates on strength training.

“Strength training is the best way to mitigate health concerns,” he said.

Nieves likes using resistance bands because they are “gentler on the joints.”

Whether by phone, video chat or message, Nieves said his clients “know they can reach out to me.”

“They like my flexibility,” said Nieves of his clients. “I am a non-judgmental coach. I help people find what works for them.”

He said the best part about working with clients is “helping them improve their lives.”

Nieves lives in Camden and enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons.

For more information about Nieves’ fitness programs, visit, the JCFitness Facebook page or his website at