Two court actions involving Quentin Jackson were rescheduled Monday in Perquimans County Superior Court.

A motion to modify Jackson’s probation for his simple assault conviction was moved to Feb. 20.

Superior Court Judge Lamont Wiggins said he had to recuse himself from ruling on Jackson’s motion because he’s met with Jackson in the past and is familiar with his service as a member of Hertford Town Council. Wiggins said as he once served as a member of Rocky Mount City Council, he’s familiar with the trials and tribulations of public service.

In December, Jackson pleaded guilty to assaulting a former town councilor Sid Eley by hitting him in the face. Jackson received maximum sentence — 60 days in jail — but the jail time was suspended. Instead, Jackson served eight days in jail.

Jackson was ordered to serve two years of probation, required to attend anger management counseling and pay court costs and fees, including $900 in attorney fees.

Jackson remains on supervised release, which includes a curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., for three months. The curfew will be in effect except during scheduled town council meetings.

A trial addressing the trespassing charge from an unrelated property dispute was moved to July.

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